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Email Clients Rendering Challenges? The Ultimate Hacks are Here! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Email marketing is one of the most future-proof marketing channels and if you do it correctly, it can bring your brand great laurels; of course, email conversions will be a bonus!

How to do “email marketing” correctly, you ask?

The most important thing is to ensure good renderability across all email clients. This is particularly disturbing for the email marketers and developers, because every subscriber uses different email clients as well as devices; and every email client interprets the coding differently.


Here are a few problems put forth by common email clients:

  • Gmail clips emails that exceed the size of 102 kB. As a workaround, you can avoid unnecessary style tags and attributes in the HTML file.
  • Outlook seems to be the “bad guy” among all the email clients. It presents the longest list of problems for coding emails. It doesn’t support Google Fonts or margins in the anchor tag.
  • Outlook & Hotmail remove paragraph & margin spacing from the code. As a result, neatly spaced content will bunch together.

The irony is that despite so many rendering challenges, a small proportion of your subscribers loyally use Outlook, making things tougher for email developers.

To make email marketing easy for you and help you overcome all such challenges put forth by email clients, the Monks are here with an interesting infographic: Email Clients: The Ultimate Guide to Challenges, Workarounds, & Usage Perspective


  1. Email client share according to Litmus Email Analytics
  2. Challenges of email clients such as Gmail, Outlook,, Yahoo! Mail, Android native email client and Apple native email client
  3. Workarounds of these email clients
  4. Usage Perspective

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