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EmailMonks Adaptation Email Services: A Soulful Experience

As the New Year sets in, the Monks at the Monastery are glad to help and enlighten all their valued customers regarding a great deal under ‘Adaptation Emails’. This innovative service not only saves your bucks by reducing the cost of building email templates but also helps get the most by ‘increasing coding efficiency’.

At the Monastery, we assume some of components can be reused in different emails. That’s where our team have been using consistent developers and reusing those same components for new or similar email templates to be built, which we normally consider as adaptation. This would work normally for same brand or organization.

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Here the Monks tend to focus on the new components building them fast, while reusing the original email template, saving effort, time and resources.

EmailMonks Adaptation Emails – How it Matters for Your Business

We understand that a penny saved is a penny earned. EmailMonks Adaptation Emails re-use the master template, altering minor attributes such as structures, CSS, colors, content and other components.

Note: Emails that require a change in the entire template coding or re-structuring are not listed, since adaptation emails are all about emails that can be easily adopted and replicated from already built email templates.

Full Adaptation Emails

(Helping you save 50% on total cost of email template production)

  • The basic layout and structure of the email template remains the same.
  • Minor attributes such as the color of the CTA, the background color, content/text, images and links are changed in the CSS.
  • No major changes in the HTML components take place.


Fig. Example of Full Adaptation Email
EmailMonks-Full Adaptation Email

Partial Adaptation Emails

(Helping you save 30% on total cost of email template production)

  • Two major components, namely the header and footer of the email, remain the same.
  • The body of the email changes the structure or coding, as per the requirements but the overall components stay the same.


Fig. Example of Partial Adaptation Email
EmailMonks-Partial Adaptation Email

How It Works

The process is extremely simple. Just go to and click on the top right tab [ORDER NOW] as shown below.

EmailMonks-Adaptation Email

Once the page is open scroll down to the fourth point.

EmailMonks-Adaptation Email

Click on ‘I also need adaptation of this email’ and the following menu will drop down.

EmailMonks-Adaptation Email

Once you select what you want and add the no. of templates you want the adaptation of, just hit the <ORDER NOW> tab.

Wish to avail the benefits? Get in touch with one of our Monks for more information at

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