Awaken the Force within your Emails

The whole world is going gaga over Star Wars and it’s no surprise why. Apart from being an impeccable movie series, Star Wars can teach many lessons to marketers to make their marketing strategy even better. So, how to make the force be with you?

Forming an emotional bond

The online ticket booking websites were bombarded with so many purchases as people are crazy about the dark side and the light side. The classic struggle between Yoda and Darth Vader i.e. between good and evil, appeals to the spectators. The fundamental humanistic journey of these fantasy creatures is relatable and so people form an emotional bond with it. The dynamic storytelling evokes the powerful emotions successfully and holds the attention as well.

Similarly, in order to gain the attention of the subscribers, email marketers need to form an emotional bond with them. Understanding your buyer’s cycle, sending relevant emails, accurate personalization could be some of the elements to tell your subscribers that you understand your consumers’ needs and it will keep them engaged with your brand.

Loyalty through consistency

In order to learn something, consistency is quintessential. The central cast of Star Wars has remained consistent and so is the series. The consistency of coming back with something new, but still remaining original has earned the loyalty of the people and as a result fans show them their love by buying the tickets and watching the movie.

In order to learn the loyalty of your consumers, you need to be consistent. Either tell your consumers to expect emails weekly, monthly or set the email frequency according to the reader. Don’t create a fuss by sending too many emails. Also, sending email campaigns every once will make your readers, forget your previous emails. Maintain a signature style in your emails, so they can still get something new, but the email will also remind the readers about previous campaigns.

Keeping up with the trends and being innovative

As we know Star Wars has taken fiction to the next level. They created a world of fantasy where everything has to be epic – the blend of past and future, something new but still recognizable and relevant. From Stormtrooper uniforms to droids, everything has been streamlined perfectly to bring the fiction to life.

As technology is evolving at a lightning fast pace, it’s quintessential for email marketers to stay updated and offer solutions that can keep up with today’s trends. Whether it’s video in emails, flip or scratch effect, menus, etc. or any other thing, be ensured that you are mixing the right amount of innovation. No one wishes to have “Same-Old” in their emails, thus streamline your strategy and be on the innovative side and win the hearts of your subscribers. This will also help you in coming up with a great email campaign that can be remembered by both you and your subscribers.


  • Keep your subscribers engaged by sending relevant yet out-of-the-box emails.
  • Set the email sending frequency right and maintain it.
  • Give your subscribers more than just emails. Give them menus, GIFs, videos, etc. to hold their attention.
  • Keep up with today’s trends.
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