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Cart Abandonment Emails [INFOGRAPHIC]

Companies work hard to optimize their websites in order to provide a great buying experience to their customers. Yet they are not able to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate. Well, in such crisis marketers have to come up with a strategy that can help them win back the customers.

Well, Cart Abandonment Email is the ideal tool to grab the abandoner’s attention and win them back. According to one of the recent surveys, almost 50% of all cart abandonment emails are opened – as abandoners intend to return to the cart.

Let’s have a look at the top reasons as to why online shoppers abandon the cart:

• High Shipping Costs
• Not Ready to Purchase
• High Product Price
• Save Products for Later Consideration
• Did Not Clearly Mention Shipping Costs
• No Guest Checkout Option

To witness how cart abandonment emails can help you win back your customers, read through our latest infographic that comprises the importance of cart-abandonment emails, and best practices to re-target your customers seamlessly. And yes, don’t forget to grab your cup of coffee for a divine reading experience. 😉

View the detailed infographic on the Top cart abandonment email best practices.

Cart Abandonment Infographic - JPG

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