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[Infographic] Email List Cleaning – Divine Tips to Cleanse Your Email Database

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Marketers work hard to gather genuine list from various sources for a better inbox deliverability. An updated email list plays an important role for the success of an email campaign. The cleaner your list is, higher are chances that your emails will land in the subscribers’ inbox.

But, what happens to this email list after a year or so? Is the list as effective as it was? Well, probably not! Just like you spring clean your house and its surrounding areas, your email list also needs to be cleaned at regular intervals to attain a substantial ROI.

According to a recent survey, email list decay naturally by 22.5% every year. Well, this means that email marketers need to clean their email list often to maintain a good list hygiene. Before we hop on to understand why list cleaning is important, let’s witness the journey of an email marketer.

  • Email Addresses are acquired
  • Welcome Emails are sent to Subscribers
  • Promotional Emails are sent at Regular Intervals
  • For Inactive Subscribers, re-engagement emails are sent
  • After a point, Engagement drops &Sender score is hampered
  • Email list cleaning is initiated

Email list cleaning is essential to re-engage with the subscribers. Now, let’s find out top reasons as to why list cleaning matters the most.

  • Uplifts your IP/domain sending reputation
  • Protects against blacklisting
  • Widens the Revenue
  • Reduces the cost of sending emails
  • Targets the right audience
  • Maintain reputation & relationships
  • Accurate campaign reports for future reference

Read through our latest infographic on ‘Email List Cleaning’ to understand the early signs of email deliverability issues, need of email list cleaning, and top tips to clean your email list. Any yes…Don’t forget to get yourself a cup of coffee. 😉
In case you wish to get some inspirations for email list cleaning for your next campign, Monks are happy to help.



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