Greener email ethics: A pledge for email marketers on World Environment Day

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Its June 5, the World Environment Day! Does it make any difference to email marketing ecosystem or environment? Well, it does!

With World Environment Day around the corner, individuals vow to make environment eco-friendly and green by reusing plastic bags, conserving water, saving electricity, using biodegradable solutions and so much more. Could we email marketers make our emails green?

As weird as it sound, yes we can make email ecosystem and environment much cleaner and provide amazing experience to our audience.

Monks provide you some divine tips to achieve greener email ethics on this world environment day:

Reuse email elements

Reusing and recycling certain elements from your past campaigns will be the first step towards going green. With thrive to stand out in the crowded inbox; most marketers want to send out fresh email campaign with new design, CTA, content and information which is inevitable. However, certain times you could buy bulk templates which could be reused and recycled in your custom brand assets in turn saving a lot of non-renewable resources like electricity and power for an example. You could also find agency that could help you with master templates for ESPs cutting your needs to design afresh every time. You would just need customization every time which will save lot of resources.

Greener lists

Sending out emails to a list which is not being updated regularly is just similar to switching the water tab on even when you aren’t bathing or cleaning hands. Imagine 500 obsolete email IDs or non-engaged recipients on the list and the amount of email list waste you fall prey to. Let’s vow to make our email lists greener so to reach out to recipients who engage with our emails and have permitted to send us emails clearly.

Manage your carbon footprints aka. domain reputation

Strange that might sound, but it makes total sense concerning domain reputation. Email companies are not producing or manufacturing products that could generate a lot of hazardous waste, so what’s the fuzz about carbon footprints? Well, when a manufacturing company produces tons of waste and dumps them over landfills, their reputation is at stake. Companies use CSR drives to actually maintain this reputation and have their carbon footprints under control by certain guidelines. Why can’t email marketers then have a control over their domain reputation? A lot of us have started focusing on domain reputation issues caused by shared IPs, repeated communication to non-engaged subscribers or those who have unsubscribed, changing ISP algorithms, etc. However, the fact is a lot of companies still aren’t able to manage their carbon footprints and sending emails from shared IPs, not adhering the legal requirements, etc. Remember, carbon footprints or domain reputation both can hurt a brand equally.

Eco-friendly offices

Going green with email marketing ecosystem isn’t just about email practices, but our workplaces too. As most email companies operate with an office space, there is a need to motivate your workforce to be friendly to mother earth.

  • Motivate workforce to use public transport
  • Ask employees to bring reusable lunch boxes
  • Save electricity by switching off power when not required
  • Use eco-friendly light bulbs
  • Involve employees in a environmental CSR drive
  • Develop a go green policy and ensure it is followed across the levels
  • Keep a monthly energy audit which could be carried with the help of operations team
  • Optimize the use of natural light and ventilation
  • SAVE PAPER – it is critical, we are email marketers. We are the ones who have revolutionized snail mails – so, keep it up!



We are making email marketing more compatible to email clients, but do you have some other thoughts about making emails more compatible to nature? Apart from talking about email industry, are we contributing enough to the environment?

More than seven billion dreams, one planet – let’s save it!

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