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UX in Emails: Are You Missing It Out In Your Email Campaigns?

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Email marketing is becoming more mystifying, considering the evolution of technology at a lightning pace and consumers expecting more from their emails. Though it is known that every $1 invested in email marketing comes with the whopping ROI of $25, not many marketers are able to cash in on this.

In order to attain great CTRs for email campaigns that boost ROI, email marketers more often tend to experiment with ample strategies – including emoticons in subject lines, using whitespace, or taking support of interactivity in emails. However, while focusing on email design and coding; marketers tend to forget paying heed to the user experience in emails.

A good UX in emails (user experience) is quintessential to attain great CTRs. The overall look and feel of an email is crucial as it tells your subscribers what the email is all about; and when the user finds it interesting enough, the ROI correspondingly increases. Peter Morville’s UX Honeycomb (as shown below) can come as a helping hand in improving the UX in emails.


The image illustrates the important components of a fantastic UX in emails:

  • Useful: Is your email useful to your subscribers?
  • Desirable: Is your service an appealing one?
  • Accessible: Is your email above language barrier, safe, and comprehensible?
  • Credible: Does your email contain trust building factor?
  • Findable: Is your offered service easily findable?
  • Useable: Is your offered service relevant to your subscribers?
  • Valuable: Is your email capable enough to deliver the value in the accurate way?

So, how to improve the UX in your emails while making them look great? Let Monks take you on the exploration pathway of achieving UX in emails without any hassle.

#1. SPA (Segmentation, Personalization, Automation)

Just like you go to a spa to rejuvenate yourself, your emails too require a rejuvenation process to appeal the subscribers. SPA (segmentation, personalization, automation) is the key to attain that. Segment your emails by paying heed to users’ interests. If a subscriber has subscribed to your services to receive Offers then he/she should only receive Emails that include offers.

After segmentation, personalization is the most crucial element that should be taken care of. Though many email marketers underestimate the potential of personalization, it plays a vital role in UX. A subject line that includes the name of your subscriber can do wonders for you. However, sometimes this direct approach backfires. What works for you may not work for someone else. Thus personalization can be done, but with caution.

Automation is the advanced step that you need to take care of after personalization. Offer your subscribers relevant yet specifically customized content that can help in improving the UX in a better way.

#2. Look and feel with identification

As the title itself suggests, the overall look and feel of the email is highly essential, but don’t get indulged too much into the look & feel as the identification of the email is critical as well. Be ensured that your email contains a trust factor. Be it your logo, your email address, website colors, or other offline design properties, elements like these can be leveraged to build and attain subscriber’s trust.

#3. Testing is the ultimate remedy

Whether you are testing your subject lines or struggling to provide the awesome user experience in your emails, multivariate testing is a must. Multivariate testing comes handy when you seek to provide user friendly emails. However, it is essential to test the compatibility as well to make sure that your emails are rendering well across all devices. Tools like Litmus can help in cross checking the compatibility with wow UX.

#4. Don’t forget on-the-go users

When 50% of the emails are being opened on mobiles, it becomes important to pay attention to the mobile users. Be ensured to check the UX in emails as there are subscribers who open their emails on the mobile but later on follows them on desktop for better view.


  • Offer an accurate SPA (segmentation, personalization, automation) to fetch better ROI.
  • Be ensured to pay heed towards the overall look & feel of the emails to have great UX.
  • Testing emails can help in finding out the user experience of your emails.
  • Don’t ignore on-the-go users.

Monks at the Monastery design and code beautiful emails, and we ensure that it emanates superior user experience too. If you too are seeking beautiful emails that offer great UX then visit our order page today!!!

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