GIF, Video, or Cinemagraph Make the right choice for your Emails - EBOOK

GIF, Video, or Cinemagraph? Make the right choice for your Emails – EBOOK

Rich media like GIFs, videos, and cinemagraphs have created a stir in the world of email marketing. Brands can use rich media for effective email marketing as it encourages better subscriber engagement. It works as a flavoring agent that adds an element of delight and thrill to the otherwise boring email templates.

However, the look of emails and the choice of rich media vary according to the purpose and industry.

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While GIFs may be useful to achieve a particular objective, another purpose may be fulfilled with a cinemagraph, and a video could be a good idea for still another occasion.

So how should you choose the right element for your email?

The answer to this depends on the purpose of your email, your brand personality, and the industry you are connected to.

GIFs work well for promotional emails, whereas event invitations are most effective when a video is included. Telecommunications industry can promote their shows with the help of cinemagraphs in email. Netflix made a wonderful use of cinemagraphs and made their show “House of Cards” a huge hit.

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