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EmailMonks Logo Branding: Wearing the St. Patrick’s Hat

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A brand logo plays an imperial role in giving a brand its identity. In fact, with time people start to recognize a brand through their logo. That’s the power it holds!

Design elements like colors, effects, etc. in a logo affect how one perceives a brand. But wouldn’t it be fun if your logo on your website and emails would embrace subtle modifications during festivals or as seasons change?

New Call-to-action

Imagine Santa smiling at your logo during Christmas or an Easter egg jumping over the letters of your brand name. Fun, right? With this in mind, the Monks at the Monastery thought of experimenting a little with their logo.

With St. Patrick’s Day being the closest festival in the calendar, the Monks decided to add traditional festive elements – a hat and the 3 clover leaf – to the brand logo.

EmailMonks Logo

The Monks inserted this new brand logo within the email template that was due to reach their recipients on March 17. In case you missed the email, you can check out the snapshot below.

EmailMonks Emailer That Was Sent Out On March 17, 2017

EmailMonks Logo Branding-Emailer

A logo helps you achieve consistency in your branding. So the Monks who thrive on balance, inserted the St. Patrick’s logo on the EmailMonks website as well. You can get a glimpse of it below.

EmailMonks Website Snapshot with the St. Patrick’s Logo

EmailMonks Logo Branding-Website

With not many brands experimenting with their logos, we’d certainly like to be among the few who do and see what magic it creates. This year the Monks plan to play around and have some arty fun with their designing and coding skills.

Adding to this, if you want to know what the Monks have been up to, just check out latest email marketing trends & insights in our blogs!

The Monks are also eager to know how you liked this change in the comments section below!

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