Fixed CTA in Email- Now, that’s a Great Fix

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In this world of blink and miss, brands are trying really hard to stay in the limelight. With almost 350,000 tweets sent per minute (Source), if you are a brand, your tweet only got 18 minutes of lifespan before it fades into the background. While social media has the power of visibility, email has the power of reach. In other words, the tweet you post may or may not be read by your follower, but the email you send shall always be in your subscribers’ inbox until they delete it.

Now, in order to make sure that your subscribers await and always open your emails, it is necessary to make them interactive.

The Latest addition

After experiencing interactive elements such as Navigation menu, Accordion and Click-event based emails, Monks bring to you a brand new interactive element that shall end the argument of “having the CTA button above the fold”. Introducing the Fixed CTA that moves as your subscriber scrolls across the email.

How did you manage that?

It’s a CTA positioned with the help of CSS that remains fixed in a layout when rendered in an email client. Moreover, it does not move irrespective of the scroll while the other content can be scrolled up or down seamlessly.

Which of my subscribers shall be able to view this?

Email Clients



Android Native


Android Gmail App


A CTA button that is in line with the copy

Android Yahoo App


A CTA button that is in line with the copy

Android Outlook App


A CTA button that is in line with the copy

Android Boxer App


Android BlueMail App


What about Apple devices?

Unfortunately, the fixed CTA will only work in Android devices and will not be supported in any desktop or iOS email clients.

I would like to try it.

Great! You can download a sample by clicking on the button below.

Ecommerce Email Marketing_CTA

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