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We live in a world of tactile feedbacks and interactivity. From a flick of the light switch to the ignition in your car, you interact with element A to get result B, right in front of your eyes. Even literature has become interactive in the digital domain with the increasing use of handheld devices. So why reading an email should be a routine of “open, read and repeat”?

In their ever continuing journey of email template development, Monks have come across some exemplary emails from brands, who took the untrodden path to create email templates in which the subscriber interacts with the email while reading it. Such emails have carved their own niche, which is termed as Interactive Emails.

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What are interactive email design? Which are the different types of interactive emails?

An email wherein the subscriber needs to interact with certain elements to reveal a portion of your email message is known as interactive email. By including any of the following elements in your email, you can transform it into an interactive one:

  • Interactive Menus
  • Accordion effect
  • Sliding Banners
  • Rotating Banners
  • Countdown Timers
  • Scratch and Flip Effects
  • Integrated Forms
  • Collapsible Carousel

When you include an interactive element in your email, there are great chances that any subscriber who opens the email, shall interact with them. This, in turn, increases user experience and the amount of time a subscriber spends on your email. This helps greatly in improving your ROI.

That’s really interesting! I wanna learn more

EmailMonks have collated some of the widely used (and also asked for by our clients) interactive email elements and created an eBook titled “Interactive Email Design” in which you can:

  • Observe different types of interactive email elements
  • Learn their advantages
  • Understand their practical usages
  • Subscribe to samples that you can receive in your inbox

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Have you received or sent any interactive email? Share your experience in the comments below.

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