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[UPDATE] Gmail’s Material Design Has A Glitch for Email Designers

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It was like a breeze of fresh air for Gmail from Google, when they decided to introduce Material Design on April 11, 2018. The refreshed design is available for Gmail Web users, bringing it in synergy with the Gmail mobile interface.

A fun fact: Some of the features such as quick reply and sidebar were originally intended to be implemented into Inbox by Gmail.

Implemented in July, Gmail users have the option to revert to old Gmail layout and styling, but after 12 weeks of implementation, Google is likely to make the use the new UI mandatory.

What We Loved in The New Update

The new Gmail UI design can be encased in these 3 words – “Minimalist yet Functional”:

The new “Default” is the one where it displays inline file and Drive attachments right in the inbox view.

Gmail Material Design - Home Screen

Hover over the right side of any email and you can see the options to archive, delete, mark as read, or snooze a specific email.

Gmail Material Design - Home Screen hover

Additionally, the new Gmail UI update brought the following much needed features:

  • Confidential mode – Set’s an expiration date to the email.
  • Smart Replies – Pre-set replies.
  • Sidebar – with calendar, notes, and other add-ons
  • Security Notification – Warnings about suspicious emails.
  • Nudges – Action reminder for older emails.

But there is an underlying issue for email designers…

By default, Gmail has an overall white theme with colored elements. Additionally, it doesn’t have any separation anywhere, starting from the subject line to sender information and the actual email content.  So, if your email has a white background, there is no visual separation to indicate where your email starts from.Gmail Material Design - Butlin (New UI)

While this only applicable when your subscribers’ Gmail is set to the white theme and is only a visual glitch, you can avoid it by adding a background color.

Background Color Can Make Your Email Copy Stand Out

Gmail Material Design -Butlin with background(New UI)

Just adding a background color can make a huge impact in presenting your email. The background color defines the area where the email is being loaded. Moreover, it creates a base for the actual email design and helps it STAND OUT.

One thing to keep in mind while adding background color is that you should always use a color specified in your brand guidelines to stay true to the email design best practices. After all email design plays a vital role in enhancing the customer experience for your subscribers.

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