What the future holds? Visualizing the Email design trends for 2017

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We cannot say for sure what the future truly holds. But when it comes to email marketing, analyzing the trends of the previous year can help us predict which trends shall continue and which trends shall step aside for the new.

Long gone are the days when email used to be plain text. We spoke about that in detail in our ‘Theory of Email Evolution’ infographic. Now brands compete with each other by sending visually beautiful emails and this requires marketers to be well aware of the ongoing trends.

Crowd Favorites from 2016

Ironically in 2015, the word of the year, as per Oxford Dictionary, was “Face With Tears of Joy” emoji. This showed that people prefer to take in information visually or in short bursts. Hence most of the emails in 2016 have focused strong on the visual aspects. GIF, emails with minimal content and unconventional email designs were the most used and popular trends observed.

Industry Updates

In September 2016, Google announced that most of their email clients shall support media queries in the forthcoming updates. This means that designers now just need to make a separate desktop and mobile layout and no longer worry about sacrificing elements that don’t support responsiveness.

Similarly, Apple’s iOS10 update bumped up unsubscribe to the top for subscription-based emails. So emails need to be designed to draw attention away from the ‘unsubscribe’ ribbon.

Visions from the future

Emails of 2016 have set a standard for how emails needs to be in 2017. Engaging content paired with attractive design seasoned with some interactivity shall be necessary for your emails to STAND OUT in the inbox. Animation using Key frame, Live backgrounds, Cinemagraph GIFs are predicted to be the best elements to dazzle your subscribers as soon as the email is opened. Generating correct customer personas, taking into consideration all the demographics, shall help build better dynamic content in emails.

Closing Thoughts

No matter what the future holds, emails ought to have personalization, interactivity and great design. Taking cues from the fresh set of emails gracing our inbox, Monks have created an Infographic titled “Email Design Trends for 2017” with trends that are set to revolutionize the email industry in 2017. Check it out and start a conversation in the comments below.

Email Marketing Design Trends 2017You can also have a look at our insightful infographic on Email Design Trends 2019.

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