Delectable Inspirations to Spice up your Food Industry Emails

The competition in the food and beverage industry is highly fierce and marketers use every trick in the trade to stay ahead of the pack and to make a mark. For the food industry, specifically, email marketing is a great way to share details about items in the menu, promoting new additions to the menu and exhibiting promotional offers and discounts.

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Email subscribers like it when brands communicate with them directly via email. Thus, designing awesome email templates can enhance communication with your subscribers/customers and improve the awareness of your brand.

Monks bring to you attractive food industry emails from brands who have used effective promotion email templates and strategies in their marketing campaigns. Take a look!

BRAND: Dominos

Source: Really Good Emails


  • The concept of letting the customer select the item of their choice is very engaging. This interactivity grabs the customers’ attention.
  • The pre-header text used is very catchy; it helps to improve the open rate of the email.
  • The web version link is added at the top of the email for the users who are unable to view the email properly.
  • The social icons are placed just beside the logo, above the fold.
  • The CTA is prominent, which is an important part of the email.


  • The email depends heavily on images. Alt text becomes a must if images are by default turned OFF by email client.


Pret food industry email


  • The presentation of the email is very attractive.
  • CTA button has been highlighted well.
  • The pre-header section has a catchy text and a web version URL.
  • The navigation is very well designed and presented with icons.


  • The success of the campaign depends on whether the subscriber sees the image or not. In case the images are turned off by default, the message may not be conveyed. Alt text is necessary.

BRAND: Jenis

jenis food industry emailPros

  • The email is colourful and vibrant.
  • The CTA can be seen on the first scroll itself and helps to increase click-through-rate.
  • GIF animation is used to make the email look more lively and engaging.


  • The contact details are missing in the footer.
  • The email depends on images, way too much.

BRAND: Harvester

Source: Litmus


  • The interactive GIF, followed by a bold CTA increases user engagement.
  • The design is simple and the copy is legible.
  • The pre-header section has a View Online option and social links.
  • The email provides exciting coupons and offers at the bottom of the email.
  • The option to download app for mobile, helps in increasing app users.
  • ‘Download our app’ adds to the score of the email.


  • Too many CTAs can kill the main purpose of the email and create confusion.

BRAND: Burger King

Burger King food industry email


  • The pre-header text says “Coupon Inside”, which increases open rate.
  • It has a navigation bar with clear and bold text.
  • The attractive image and CTA persuades the subscriber to click.
  • The app buttons and social sharing buttons are highlighted.


  • Images should be given alt text and alt tags.

BRAND: Taco Bell

Food industry email by tacobellPros

  • CTA is on the first scroll to increase number of clicks.
  • Utilizing a chat preview to exhibit an offer seems to be a good concept.
  • The offer is clearly visible within the first scroll; it will grab the user’s attention.
  • The option to download the app in the footer will increase app users.


  • The view online link is missing.
  • No pre-header text at the top.

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