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Monks’ Most Loved Emails from the Month of May’17

The Monks are back with a round-up of some awesome email templates that made it to our inbox in the merry month of May. May is probably one of the busiest months for email marketers. Mother’s Day promotions, summer sales, Memorial Day sales, and of course, a few Father’s Day email promotions (from the smart ones who start early) to look into, marketers are all geared up to lure subscribers into buying from them.

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We’ve seen some awesome emails this month – immaculate content coupled with vibrant images and sometimes a GIF to please the eyes. But (half-heartedly) we’ve chosen the ones we really liked and put together this small collection. Take a sneak peek into the exclusive email design audit from the Monks:


Subject line: Real moms, real style

Mother's day Email Loft

Thumbs up

  • Beautiful hero image that goes with the Mother’s Day theme.
  • Images have been balanced out by a good amount of text.
  • Both the subject line and pre-header are quite catchy
  • Nice way to portray real mother daughter pictures of their own employees.

What Could have been Better

  • The CTAs could have been more prominent.
  • No alt text has been provided for the images.
  • SALE should have been highlighted instead of ‘HOROSCOPES’ as they are not selling anything else in the entire email.


Subject line: 25% off VIA® Instant—Get yours while supplies last

Starbucks Summer GIF Email

Thumbs up

  • The email has a pre-header and view online link.
  • The hero image is just perfect for announcing their summer refreshers.
  • The GIF (which is not used as a hero image) is quite engaging.
  • The offer has been highlighted well.
  • The primary CTA is prominent.

What Could have been Better

  • The alt-text that has been provided is not self-explanatory.
  • The design is not responsive; when viewed on a mobile device, one needs to scroll horizontally.
  • Social icons are missing; it would have got the code promoted well.
  • There are too many variations in fonts.
  • “OFF” word in the subject line is not advised to get the email through the email firewalls.


REI Summer promotional email 2

Subject line: Summer is Calling. Just Add Water.

Thumbs up

  • It’s a summer equipment promotional email and the hero image gives just the feel one needs.
  • View online link and pre-header text are in place.
  • Unsubscribe link, physical address have been provided.
  • Social media links are correctly portrayed at the bottom of the email.
  • It is a responsive email design.
  • 1st CTA is above the fold.
  • They’ve used Hamburger Menu for best UX on mobiles.

What Could have been Better

  • Alt-text has not been provided for all the images. In case images are turned off by subscriber or email client, the message will not be conveyed.
  • Pre-header would have been more effective if “Free Shipping” was used.
  • Subscribe link is not necessary in the footer when subscriber is already getting the emails.

Crate and Barrel

Subject line: 15% off: Our Memorial Day Sale starts now.

Memorial day Crate and Barrel 2

Thumbs up

  • The discount is highlighted well in the image.
  • The images are very refreshing and attractive.
  • The social sharing options are prominent and increase engagement.
  • Good use of space to add their other brand logos for cross-selling.

What Could have been Better

  • The email depends heavily on images. In case the images are turned off by email client by default, the campaign may not see the desired results.
  • “OFF” word in a subject line is not advised to get the email through the email firewalls.
  • This is a well-known furniture brand but as this is a Memorial Day email, they should have at least showcased some memorial day branding with some images or vectors.
  • Promo code is good when it’s separate in a single line and not clubbed with anything after or before.

Off 5th Saks Fifth Avenue

Subject line: Father’s Day Gifts Starting @ $29.99

Father's day Email Saks fifth avenue

Thumbs up

  • The Father’s Day email highlights gift options for dads.
  • Free shipping option has been displayed at the top- a good move.
  • Weekend offer at the bottom is quite prominent and grabs attention in red.
  • ‘Find a store near you’ is a good way to engage subscribers. (repeated twice)
  • The text in the footer balances the images in the email.
  • Starting prices are highlighted very well
  • Nice “great gift” highlight on summer shorts, considering that the season special product range has to be highlighted.
  • GILT logo and offer highlighted nicely before the footer for cross sell.

What Could have been Better

  • The CTA in the first fold could have been highlighted better.
  • The alt-text is not sufficient to convey the message that the image conveys.
  • “$” sign in a subject line is not advised to get the email through the email firewalls.
  • If it’s a FATHER’S DAY dedicated email, they could have removed WOMEN’S tab from the navigation bar.


Subject line: 25% OFF kidswear (don’t hang about)

Boden Kidswear Discount Email

Thumbs up

  • Kidswear discount has been displayed beautifully with a GIF. The offer text is static, which is good for readability. This is good for your email to look fine even in those browsers that don’t support GIFs (no need of fallback image)
  • They have a ‘Refer a Friend’ link in the footer, offering a discount.
  • The clear CTAs at the bottom grab attention.
  • Unsubscribe or change email preferences link at the bottom.

What Could have been Better

  • The success of the campaign depends on image. It may land in trouble in case images are turned off by client.
  • It’s not a lengthy email; they could have added the following points which they have highlighted on the home page at the first.z:Free UK delivery and returns | Click and collect now available | 365 day returns guarantee


We hope you too loved the emails we loved in the month of May. The Monks shall keep sharing a collection of the best emails each month. Check out our free email templates and also, don’t forget to check out the Most Loved Emails of April.
In the comments below, do share with us any amazing emails you receive in June. We shall try to accommodate them in our Most Loved Email of June blog.

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