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As a part of our series, Monks are back with some of the most graceful emails in our inbox during the month of June. June is a pretty lax month for email marketers as they only need to prepare for American Independence Day (July 4th) and summer sales in rest of the world. Without much further ado, let’s have a look at the spectacular set of email templates that delighted the Monks.

New Call-to-action


Subject line: POOL PARTY!!! New Markdowns on All Swimsuits

BelleChic - Email inspiration

Thumbs Up:

  • Straightforward and Minimal design
  • Information hierarchy is easy to follow
  • View in Browser Option
  • CAN SPAM compliant footer
  • The hero Image has ALT text

What could be improved:

  • The font color sometimes gets hidden inside the background.
  • No Pre-header Text


Subject Line: Last-Minute Dad Deal

Bucketfeet - Email inspiration

Thumbs Up:

  • Preheader that’s in continuation to the subject line
  • Testimonials of the artist against the shoes to build trust
  • Zig zag placement of image and text is interesting
  • Increased customer engagement with links of blog

What could be improved:

  • No Alt Text to the images
  • Text is a part of image so low Text Image ratio

Having a good text to image ratio is important for preventing SPAM traps from being triggered. You can read more about it here.

FTD Flowers

Subject Line: Final Chance for up to 50% OFF

FTD - Email inspiration

Thumbs Up:

  • Overall theme is connected to Independence Day
  • The subject line is quite actionable
  • ALT text is provided

What could be improved:

  • Even though ALT text is provided, it could be better than ‘Product 1’ or ‘Product 2’.
  • No Preheader Text
  • View Online is missing

Godiva Chocolates

Subject Line: Today We’re Celebrating…

GoDiva - Email inspiration

Thumbs Up:

  • The Pre-header completes the statement left unsaid in the subject line
  • View Online Option at the header
  • A bold Hero Image featuring their products
  • Cross-selling of other products in neat sections

What could be improved:

  • No Mobile responsive layout
  • Even though images have ALT text, it is a common ‘Shop Now’ text


Subject Line: Jeep 4th of July Sale + Free Shipping!

Jeep - Email inspiration

Thumbs Up:

  • As soon as you open the email, you see the Free Shipping offer
  • Showcased their products connected to Independence Day
  • External Links are neatly arranged near the footer with social buttons
  • Option to whitelist their address
  • Option to change preference alongwith unsubscribe

What could be improved:

  • No Mobile responsive layout
  • With images disabled, the end user shall only see blank boxes due to missing ALT text
  • No view online option

Midwest Brewery

Subject Line: Long Time No Brew? – 🍺 This Should Get You Going 🍺

Midwest Brewery - Email inspiration

Thumbs Up:

  • Emoji in subject line
  • Humorous tone which is very important for Re-engagement emails
  • Alt Text to the hero image
  • Cross sell opportunity at the second fold
  • Mobile Responsive single column design
  • View Online at the header
  • Preheader Text connects with the subject line

What could be improved:

  • They could have made the text bulletproof over an image background. Even Outlook supports background image by using the following workaround.

Penguin Random House

Subject Line: Caution: Great Reads Ahead!


Thumbs Up:

  • One of our most favored email of this lot
  • As you can experience, when you scroll down, the bus moves down to different CTA sections
  • Responsive Design
  • There is a chance that this email won’t be viewed in most email clients, so View Online is a mandatory.
  • Moreover, the fallback is not a broken experience.

What could be improved:

  • Even though it is specified in the header that clicking each billboards to discover books, individual CTA button at each billboard could be helpful.

EmailMonks too have an interactive infographic that takes you on a journey over the Landing Page Highway. Check It Out!!!

Redbull Shop

Subject Line: Where does the mind take you?

Redbull - Email inspiration

Thumbs Up:

  • Illustration as the hero image
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Sectioned area with separate sharing buttons

What could be improved:

  • No Alt Text included for images

Wrapping up

We hope you too loved the emails we loved in the month of June. As promised, the Monks shall keep sharing a collection of the best emails each month. Also, click below to check out the Most Loved Emails of

Do share with us any amazing emails you receive in the month of July in the comments below to get it featured next month.

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