Responsive Email – Evolution from 2013-2015 and the Journey ahead!

Responsive emails are in vogue.89% of marketers plan or (few already have) adopted responsive email design since its evolution.

While we published an infographic around it in 2013, 50% of emails were opened on mobile; whereas the recent report from Movable Ink said that 67 percent of emails were opened on either a smartphone or tablet in Q4 2014.

Over the period of time there has been an incessant rise in mobile devices, and more consumers have started becoming Apple loyal for the fact. Talking about shopping, more Google searches (around 50%) today come from mobile devices. Also, when asked 75% of recipients prefer deleting email that is not optimized for small screens.

With advancement in the wearable technology, would responsive design yet undergo a new change? Well, time will tell. However, as of now Monks come up with the new infographic that presents the evolution of responsive email design over its initial days.

The infographic covers:

  • Comparison between preferred devices (2013 vs. 2015)
  • Email client marketshare (2013 vs. 2015)
  • Major turn offs for mobile recipients
  • Top mobile opt-in reasons
  • Responsive email design best practices

Read it on!

Responsive Email Design Infographic

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