The 5 most holy apps that help email marketers do 5 divine things!

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Email marketing is the talk of the town. While most marketers prefer using automation and integrating social with email for best results, few marketers have also started surrendering to some apps that makes the email marketing experience a lot better!

So, which are these 5 holy apps?

1. Draft: Email writing!

Draft is a web-based app that lets you write an Email using markdown. Markdown syntax enables writing HTML content quickly. With draft, you can save, edit and categorize documents which might be immensely helpful for marketers launching a series of campaigns. Moreover, to be confident on the content; Draft also allow the marketers to let them edit their dodgy content with the help of professionals for as less as $4 and with a 1 day turnaround time. Draft allows you to edit and draft email copies with ease unlike other software.

2. Boomerang: Email Calendar!

Boomerang acts like a snooze button for an email message. It lets you clean up your Inbox without losing track of important messages and helps you manage messages that you can’t deal with today, but that need attention or a response later. Boomerang like some ESPs has an ability to schedule multiple emails for later. It integrates to-do email lists along with the facility to follow up with different customers in different timezones at any point in future and at the same time magically detects the email reminders from the email content like “Today 7 PM” etc.

3. Litmus: Email Tester!

Litmus takes all the pain to evaluate your HTML emails and templates and present to you a picture comprising the look and feel of your email across 40+ viewing environments. With the help of responsive designs, marketers can increase their click through rates, opens and maximize the ROI on their email campaigns. Litmus rocks because without using tools like Litmus it is unimaginable to test the templates manually. That might be time consuming as well as error prone.

4. Google Analytics with multi-channel attribution: Email ROI!

Email Marketing should be executed in a way that you also track the conversions and attribute them to the various marketing channels. Google Analytics Multi Channel Attribution allows the marketer to view reports and understand the efficacy of various marketing channels. You might also be able to compare email with other channels and determine whether emails are effective in converting customers. Google Analytics would give you the power of understanding conversions.

5. Zapier: Email Software Integrator!

With an increase in the marketing automation, more marketers tend to automate an entire acquisition program where Email is just one part and other things might include scheduling tweet, SMS, team notifications and more. Zapier allow marketers to connect all software together. It allows you to send data between services. It also makes it easy to automate  tasks between web apps.

These apps will ensure that the campaigns are created and executed in a faster yet effective way. So, how do you increase your divinity? Let us know commenting below.

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