10 Re-engagement Email Inspirations to Win Back Subscribers

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Just like any other relationship, the one between you and your email subscribers is likely to become stale after a while. With time, your offers, subject lines, content, all start to seem uninteresting and the subscriber becomes ‘inactive’ ie. he/she stops opening your emails. So, if you wish to rekindle the great chemistry you once shared with your subscribers, running a Re-Engagement Emails Campaign is your only option.


A study by Salesforce states that, 63% of marketers surveyed consider re-engagement campaigns as very effective. Another study reveals that 45% of recipients to whom re-engagement emails are sent, read the subsequent messages.

Here is a compilation of 10 really creative and impressive re-engagement email inspirations from Monks at the Monastery that can help you win back your lost love (read inactive subscribers).

1. Surf Stitch

SurfStitch sends their inactive subscribers a ‘Hello’ mail, informing them about all that they have missed since they were away- from new products to newly introduced brands and from offers to their latest fashion blog posts. They also show the inclination to send tailor made emails to suit the subscriber’s preferences. A good medley, indeed!

surf stitch reengagement email

2. Basil Tree

The cafe adopts the most commonly used re-engagement technique. They send a ‘miss you’ email coupling it with an exclusive $25 off deal to re-engage their subscribers. This method works best when your content is no longer enticing your subscribers.

Basil Tree Reengagement email

3. Feelunique tries to pull back its inactive subscribers by pitching several different offers at a time. There is something for everyone, whether you are a once-in-a-while shopper or a shopaholic who has the option to join their VIP shopping club. It is really very difficult to say NO to them.


4. Yahoo

Yahoo sent out an email to their subscribers to remind them to reactivate their account before a particular deadline. They certainly pull the emotional string by saying ‘We Want You Back’.



5. L.L.Bean

With a friendly tone in their email, L.L.Bean raises the curiosity of the inactive subscribers by telling them that they have missed a lot but they can still catch up. Considering that someone may not want to be bugged by emails, they also provide other ways to connect with them- Facebook, Twitter etc. The photo in the email, too, generates curiosity about their outdoor gear.



6. Facebook

To keep their users from being inactive, Facebook often entices them back with a summary of notifications- statuses and pictures posted by their friends during a particular period. A great way to bring back the inactive ones.

Facebook reengagement email

7. Photojojo

Photojojo! gives its re-engagement email a fun angle to grab the attention of its dormant subscribers. What makes the email unique is the eight-legged octopus, in a humorous manner, explaining why the $8 discount on everything in their store.

Photojojo reengagement email

8. RunKeeper

Stressing on the importance of staying fit and how running can help them achieve the desired results, RunKeeper sends its users who have not logged a workout in a while a re-engagement email. They play the guilt card really well 😉

RunKeeper reengagement email

9. SPY

While SPY gives its subscriber a chance to stay on the list or unsubscribe, they also point out ten reasons as to why the subscriber should continue to be a part of the family. A good way to remind the subscriber why he/she had chosen to be on their list.



10. 9th & elm

The subject line – Sometimes you just need a little space – is a masterpiece. It gives the reader a feeling that the sender is so understanding. 9th and elm, very politely, asks its dormant subscriber to take a decision – Reengage or Let’s Part Ways, by displaying prominent option at the end of the email. This email preference makes it easy for subscribers to take action.

Picture 10


There are quite a few things that make re-engagement emails impressive. In a good re-engagement email you need to:

  • Tell subscribers what they have missed since they were away
  • Propose an exclusive offer
  • Give a collection of offers that makes it difficult to say no
  • Add a pinch of emotions to lure subscribers
  • Provide other ways to connect- social media
  • Send them a compilation of missed notifications
  • Use humor to grab eyeballs
  • Play the guilt card
  • Remind subscribers why they are part of your list
  • Politely make them take a decision- Re-engage or Part Ways

Re-engagement emails is the divine jackfruit that brings life to the dead email list. Click here for tips to script the ideal re-engagement email. For designing and coding of re-engagement emails, visit the monastery’s order page.

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