Email Marketing 2016 Predictions

Email Marketing 2016 Predictions

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2015 was more than spectacular for email marketing, and marketers have witnessed some crazy transition. Right from the rise in responsive email design to adoption of MIME multipart message, emailing is at the top of its game, and marketers would never want to look back.

If 2015 bore a striking resemblance to a joyful dream, 2016 looks even more promising, and marketers would look to capitalize on a successful previous year. So, what will trend in 2016? What changes are expected in email marketing 2016 that can reap you benefits?
Well, Monks have primed a heavenly list of email marketing 2016 predictions that can help you plan your email campaigns this year.

Email marketing 2016 predictions

1) Interactive emails will subjugate the cliché – Sending the same boring layout will not prevail in 2016. Emails need a makeover, just like celebrities. Interactive, CSS3 animations pump up the new blood in emails, and make them look more vibrant. With more and more email clients supporting interactive email animation, the use of menus, accordions, and rotational banners will witness a significant boost in email marketing 2016.

2) Super Duper targeted messages – Hyper targeting will be the key in 2016. Marketers identify the stage of the sales cycle their prospect is in, and send hyper-targeted emails. At this stage, marketers are well aware about the interests of their prospects. Following which, marketers can create short and concise automated emails, so that their audience can easily scan it and click on what they’re most interested in.

Smarter automated replies will generate more personalized content, and build healthy relationships. You’ll be able to send emails based on individual actions without getting into the hassles of scanning every detail individually.

3) Gmail will provide a breather to marketers – It’s been a long discussed topic that Gmail doesn’t support CSS media queries. This lack of support spoils the email renderability for Gmail users. Well, hybrid coding provides a solution up to a certain extent, but doesn’t solve the issue.

Future of email marketing - Hybrid coding

Example of hybrid coding

Google has hinted previously about providing CSS support for Gmail users, thus, we expect Google to come into action, and provide some relief to email marketers this year.

4) On the go devices will witness a bullish trend – 2015 proved to be a vital year for email marketers. While around 50% of the emails were viewed on mobile phones in 2015, smart watches also made an impact with over 39 million adult users, an increase of 57.7 % compared to 2014. 2016 is going to be mightier for on the go devices. We will see more innovation by marketers while they code their emails for mobiles as well smart watches.

5) More Use of Emoji in subject line & Preview Text – Using symbols or emoji in the subject line is a common practice. Adding colors in your subject line makes your email stand out in a crowded inbox. A report by Litmus states that the open rate of an email increases by 10-15% as a result of using emoji in subject lines. Looking at these numbers, it won’t be incorrect to say that emoji will be used heavily in the subject lines as well as preview text in 2016.

6) Stricter Spamming rules – Canada has recently introduced one of the strictest email laws. The anti-spam law states that you can’t reach out to new, existing, and potential customers using electronic messages without his or her express consent. A handful of companies has also been fined for not abiding by this law. A report by a San Francisco-based cyber security firm states that 37% reduction in the amount of spam coming from Canada. Well, by looking at these numbers, we can expect various countries following the footsteps of CASL in 2016.


• Interactivity in emails is the future of email marketing
• CSS support for Gmail users is expected in 2016
• Smart Watched will play a mightier role in email marketing
• New trends in subject line will be seen

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