3 Pervasive Email Challenges and Quick Fixes

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While most of us are elbows down crafting compelling emails and newsletters, we still face challenges. Some challenges are basic while some, a little complex. Talking about email and newsletters, there a variety of things where you can go wrong, a long list really right from the conception to delivery, many pitfalls where you can fall prey to!

So, which are the most common challenges and how you can fix these?

1.) Waking up at the eleventh hour

There are cases where marketers just decide to send out emails or newsletters on the eleventh hour, rushing like a fireball towards that “send” button. That’s what needs control! Rushing out at the end moment can fourfold the chances of mistakes like missing out on the personalization, error in the copy, sending to the wrong segment, sending at a wrong time and so much more. Also, in this hurry there is no time to test the subject lines, content, calls to action etc.

Quick Fix: Stop rushing! Set-up an email marketing strategy followed by a robust calendar and review it every quarter. Test each email or newsletter well with multivariate or a/b split test. Pick the best performing one out of the many variations and send that out to your segments.

2.) Mobile is just a talking tool

If you still think that mobile is just a good communication tool, think again. More and more people are using mobile phones smartly to read, write and connect. With more than 65% people opening emails on mobile, you can’t show inertia towards mobile email. Most marketers are sending out emails which are not responsive breaking the customer experience big time. Some marketers feel it is time consuming to design for the small screen, it certainly is, but you can’t do away with it in today’s era!

Quick Fix: Design your emails and newsletters for the small screen and go for responsive coding to ensure a superior customer experience. Outsource to agencies that convert designs to responsive HTML is as less as 8 hours.

3.) Designing with the web approach

Designing emails is challenging as it involves a different level of creativity than designing a website, brochure or an infographic. The most common challenge is marketers giving away email design to generalist creative team that is multi-tasking, freaking out with tons of design jobs. Designing emails like the way a website is designed will surely fail the expectations of the users.

Quick Fix: Invest some money to hire design experts who have good knack and a total focus on designing emails and newsletters. They can look at the inspirations and come out of the normal rut, do something that’s unique yet acceptable.

Out of the many challenges, some issues that hamper the growth of email program include:

 – Not knowing how email works and delivered,

– Skeptical about resorting to ESPs,

– Sending emails even after unsubscribe requests,

By-passing brand guidelines

– Buying email lists for lead generation

– Not providing the preference center to subscribers


It’s easy and not as difficult as you think it to be. All you need to do is stop playing with your program. Set-up robust strategies, resort to a good ESP, hire good designers, revamp your emails for on-the-go readers, develop a hygienic list and be a proactive marketer! There you go – ready for a divine, mesmerizing and wooing email.

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