4 Email Marketing Processes: Changing the Inbox placement devoutly!

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A business process or business method is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product. In the case of email marketing production, there are 4 major processes involved.

In this post, Monks will walk you through the key processes of email marketing and ways to better them for an optimal Inbox placement rate, open rate and click-through.

Email Design and Coding Process

The first and prime important process in email marketing is the email design and coding process. You can either design or code an email in-house, which requires skilled designers and adept coders or you can outsource it to an agency like Email Monks; who have the capabilities to work on a quick turnaround and cost effective rates.  Email Design and Coding process requires lot of considerations like fonts, Johnson box, responsive and scalable layouts, email width, graphics and imagery, calls to action, copy and content and a lot more. An indepth overview is available in our infographic here:

Email Design and Coding process require a lot of minute observations and involves a lot many checkpoints. This is the first process and the foundation for successful email marketing campaign.

Integration Process

Once you design and code an email in an immaculate way and furthermore integrate it with your email service provider or internal email sending software. While integrating or choosing an Email service Provider, there are many key considerations to be taken care off. The integration process is difficult and time consuming as (a.) it involves selecting right ESP (b.) you need to know the rules and integration processes of ESP you wish to work with. Ideally, professional email companies like Email Monks are well aware about integration processes of all the major email service providers like Mailchimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, iContact etc. enabling you to focus on campaign ROI leaving the rest of the complex tasks on professionals.

While integrating it to an ESP, you also need to decide the kind of functionalities you will be utilizing so that you don’t pay any extra. See whether you require behavioral email service, retargeting or normal email marketing service. Also, sync it with the number of emails you are planning to send every month or week.

Deliverability Process

One of the toughest processes of the entire email marketing lifecycle is deliverability. Given the host of ISP rules and CAN SPAM act, it’s very easy that you fall prey to the vicious cycle of poor domain reputation. Consider the deliverability challenges and best practices a lot before you plan to SEND your email campaign. Consider a proper email frequency and make sure you send permission based emails as per the information collected from subscribers in preference centers. There are many deliverability myths associated with email marketing, we have already debunked a host of them. Also, there are many ways in which your domain reputation might hurt. Check out the following to ensure effective email delivery and great Inbox placement rates:

Post Campaign Analysis Process

Alright! You are almost halfway! Once you are done with sending emails successfully to your list, you need to analyze the click-through rate, open rate, click to open rate etc. Tracking the campaign’s effectiveness will allow you to understand the consumer behavior and at the same time it will bring to notice all things you had done wrong in the campaign, if any.

Marketers adapt to predictive intelligence through such process. They analyze the campaign’s performance, past behavior of the subscribers and take corrective measures to improvise over the next campaign!

Wrapping up, these are the key processes that every email marketer has to undergo for producing an email campaign that wins! Moreover, if you wish to hire an agency for all your email design, coding and template customization needs, try to check out and feel free letting us know the best ways in which we can help you.

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