4 Signs that prove you don’t have an email strategy

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It’s great that you don’t think email marketing is dead unlike many others. Good thing! It’s working and working well for many marketers, provided there is a good strategy behind.

A good strategy includes a robust plan of action, possible challenges and ways to overcome these challenges. To build an apt email strategy, you need to ask the set of questions like what way is your email program behaving? What’s it that the program is doing for you? What’s required to drive your email program and making it a huge success? Who will be working and with which KPIs? and many more.

If you are just running an email program without having a proper roadmap, strategy and answering the above questions, you are surely going to face email marketing crisis sooner or later.

Monks take a deep dive into some more reasons and in fact signs of working without an email strategy!

1. Subscribers segment not mapped with email content

Its’ terrible to not have your subscribers’ segments mapped with the email content. You should be aware about the email content various subscribers have opted for in the preference center and the actual message segments receive. Is it the same as per their expectation? Is it better based on the big data? Is it different for inactive subscribers or a subscriber turned customer? If you aren’t aware and just mixing up, you have a poor strategy.

2. You care a damn about metrics

That’s the last thing you can think about – not tracking your emails! Your email program can be modified or improved based on the responses of the subscribers. If you do not keep a track of how many subscribers opened, clicked or responded to your emails, you are never be able to answer one of the above questions “What’s required to drive your email program so that it’s successful?” Tracking is vital and ideally all the leading ESPs help you track the performance of your campaign, free of hassle anyways!

3. Giant pitfall – Brand inconsistency

Consistent brand experience keeps the subscribers connected to your emails. Some of them infact turn out to be your loyal ambassadors. It all happens only when you have brand guideline for email marketing in place as a part of the overall strategy. If you send out different kind of emails in a variety of colors and themes, no one will recollect you in the crowded inbox. Your email will be just left unopened in most inboxes. Rethink, you are in a trouble!

4. You go by ”Just do it” approach

Well, if you do not have a proper list building and acquisition plan and you just send it to people who come your way or commit a sin buying list and then approaching them, remember, it’s your achilles heel. You can’t just run an email program with that “just do it” attitude. The other kind of approaches that fall here are not taking care about the mobile readership and not designing responsive, not taking care of the deliverability or domain reputation, neglecting on the best practices and many more.

Before jumping in the big ocean of email marketing, it is necessary to know how to swim with the right email marketing strategy otherwise you will hamper your own email program for good. Once you derive a proper strategy, you have the actionable steps and tactics to make the program successful, no one can stop you from a heavenly open and click rate. Are you ready?

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