4 wrong things that can fail your email campaigns miserably!

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Monks have been posting so much about email marketing, but it’s time for you to rethink small! If you are not getting the much desired response from your campaigns, there is something wrong! This can be anything, almost anything right from the segmentation to anti-spam filters.

So, what is it that’s daunting?

1. You have an illegible email copy

So, before getting panicky about your list and anti-spam keywords, check your overall email look and feel. The fonts shouldn’t be too small and illegible. Keep the fonts to minimum 11 points.  Likewise, restrict your colors to a minimum of 3 or 4. Do not overuse colors as too many bright colors might distract the users and break the brand guidelines. Use proper contrast and background so that the content doesn’t hide behind the contrast. Like colors, do not use walls of text together. Fragment the content into boxes and use short paragraphs that can be easily skimmed.

2. Your email is as long as hand-book

Book – That’s too much of an exaggeration! Certainly, but long emails don’t serve the purpose of email and they become the small hand-book. Keep the overall length of your emails limited. If you are using long images, make sure you restrict that to a two or three of them. Especially, retailers with offer emails use long emails with captivating images in between. This looks really good, but for some consumers it can go to a view later tab. Skimming through your emails should not look like a lot of work.

3. Your email talks, but doesn’t listen

So, if you are talking about your brand in the email, it is no crime. That’s what promotional emails are for. However, make sure that you strike a good balance between information, promotion and audience feedback. If you keep sending emails saying about products with “Buy Me” call to action, it might really not work out and subscribers will mark you spam or unsubscribe. To better off, provide valuable information to your customers or subscribers and make sure every email has something in store for them, may it be the information, offer or a news article. If you only send out promotional emails, resort to story-telling.

4. Your email design is inconsistent

Every time new design, new fonts and new colors – it can make anyone go bananas! Design consistency is a key to your campaign’s success. Your emails should look “YOURS” every time when you send out them to your subscribers. With a consistent communication, people start recognizing the brand and relate themselves to it when they read the email in their inbox. Test your campaigns and send out emails only when your subscribers like them to read. If you are sending it daily morning and have the maximum opens, keep it consistent so that subscribers wait for you every day at the same time.


With email marketing becoming increasingly popular among marketers, such small mistakes can sink all your efforts down. Try to make your email and newsletters inspiring, so that more and more subscribers like to receive it and spread the same to their fellow friends.

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  • MailMan

    A good point with a proper font. Very helpful are spam tests. Specially for amateours, who don’t know what is important in creating a good (not spammy) email. Btw an interesting, eye-catching subject 😉 Regards

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