5 common DRIP campaign mistakes

The word DRIP would surely remind you of drip irrigation system where the right amount of water gets delivered to each plant. While DRIP irrigation is useful to nurture the plants, DRIP campaign is useful to nurture the leads. Right amount of communication to the right audience is the key. That said; sending emails manually based on user actions is a tiresome and tedious task. So, how effective are automated or triggered mails in these situations?

Well, a study by Emma states that relevant emails based on user actions generate 18x more revenue than broadcast emails. Furthermore, it also suggest that triggered emails based on customer actions sees a 119% increase in click rate. If such numbers can be shaped through DRIP email campaigns, you surely can’t afford to commit blunders and hamper your email campaigns.

Let’s do an in-depth exploration about the common DRIP campaign mistakes from the chants of Monks.

1. Forgetful about multi-channel communication – Emails are not the only medium that can reap you benefits in your drip campaigns. Of Course, emails are the best medium to grab the attention, but consider using other mediums too. Social media posts, text sms, video marketing could be other mediums that can be a part of your DRIP campaign.

2. Striking out inactive prospects or customers – Overlooking the cold prospects is a blunder committed by a lot of marketers. Don’t strike them out, use them as a ladder to achieve success. Practice DRIP campaigns for your inactive leads or customers. Send them informative emails, product demos and increase the relevance to bring them back to the awareness stage or consideration stage of the buying cycle.

Incentivizing in-active prospects or customers for re-engagement through one of the drip campaigns is great strategy too. You may also consider offering referral benefits to them.

3. Missing out on post conversion emails – DRIP campaign’s journey doesn’t end at conversions. Be thoughtful, send thank you emails post conversion. Furthermore, consider using cross-sell promotions based on the acquisition by your customer.

If you provide services that requires annual or half yearly renewal, ponder sending reminder emails, they work amazingly well. So, if you are an insurance service provider, send reminder to your customers reminding them about the renewal date or send the importance of life insurance to your lead for that matter. You can arrange drip automation throughout the customer life-cycle and increase engagement with relevance.

4. Incorrect frequency – Be considerate while scheduling your emails. Shooting a follow-up mail, 3 months after the introductory mail is so not cool. Make sure you maintain the top of the mind recall with right frequency of emails.

Keeping your loyal customers into the loop about current products and offers can reap you a lot of benefits. If your customer purchases a refrigerator or a car, the next buying cycle would be long. Stay certain to keep up with the buying cycle of customers to win them back.

Even for your prospects, maintain a good balance between promotional and informational emails. If you think sending many promotional emails would hamper your subscriber growth, rethink. More than 80% of respondents surveyed by Marketingsherpa expressed clear interest to receive promotional email at least once a month.

5. Erroneous Segmentation – Incorrect segmentation of your email list can hamper the success of your DRIP campaign. While DRIP campaigns are useful to educate and reward your customers or prospects, sending your emails to the right people is equally imperative. Segment your data based on demographics, previous purchase history, stage of buying cycle, and so on.

Take Away

• Keep a check on your customer’s buying cycle
• Evaluating your DRIP campaigns on a regular interval
• List hygiene & segmentation is the key
• Don’t forget to introduce yourself in the primary email
• Interactive emails for DRIP campaign could be useful

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