5 Email Innovations by Emailmonks

5 Email Innovations that shall fourfold your Email ROI!

Email marketing is certainly not dead and doing quite well with an advancement in technology. However, with an inbox overload, it is imperative to stand out and come up with email innovations; moving further in 2015. In this post, Monks bring to you 5 email innovations that you should certainly try out while you plan to send out your next email campaign.

1. Text to join:

Text to join lets people sign-up for your email list by sending a text message. This is especially effective for capturing email addresses at events, at a physical location or as a call-to-action in traditional media ads (print, radio, TV, etc.) Your sign or ad copy would say something like “Text SIGNUP to 12345 and get a special offer when you join our email list! Many ESPs like Mailchimp and Constant Contact offer this facility for free.

2. Email and Display integration:

Email and display advertising integration is creating personalized advertisements when a customer is close to purchasing the order; using automated triggered emailing. This is a very effective tactic to increase customer acquisition and conversion. Normally, such integration would work well only when the prospect in aware about the product or service or when he has passed by the consideration stage and close to decision. Companies such as LiveIntent specialize in software which allows you to dynamically serve ads directly into your emails. You could also retarget email ads based on the activity on site.

3. Conduct surveys:

Most e-commerce companies involve in a lot of emailing activities round the year. One good way they attract their audience is via surveying their subscribers’ preferences. They ensure following up with their subscribers about how they liked the product? This helps them to gain an insight on individual subscriber’s opinion about the product or service. Conducting surveys apart from series of automated emails is a good innovation very few brands cater to. Moreover with in-built CSS forms, days aren’t far when your subscribers could take the survey right in their inbox.

4. In-email transactions:

With Google’s new Google Wallet that allows you to send money via email, it is now also possible to do in-email transactions. By just clicking the dollar sign, you will be able to add a payment method to your email. Some other good email technology providers have also started providing facility for e-commerce customers to securely checkout right in the inbox. This innovation is expected to be of humongous help, as it reduces the checkout process significantly. Tools like RebelMail are going to transform the inbox experience drastically.

5. Integrated Ratings and Reviews:

Gone are the days when you had to review or rate a product writing long labyrinths about descriptions, FABs, etc. With new tools you can simply rate and review a product right in your inbox without actually walking through the landing pages. Retailers like Amazon have already started embedding reviews and ratings within their customer feedback emails.

customer feedback affects email marketing roi

Overall, we foresee more marketers incorporating email innovations like behavioral re-targeting, forms and quick action buttons within emails, personalizing campaigns based on the personas of individual segments and so much more. How do you think you will bring innovation to your email campaigns moving further in 2015?

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