5 email marketing resolutions you ought to religiously follow in 2014!

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2014 is here and Monks are sure all of you have made a big list of resolutions that you’re determined to follow in the coming months.

Can you also have resolutions for your email program so to better them in 2014? You can surely have!

Here are Monks setting up 5 email marketing resolutions for a more rewarding 2014:

1. Maintain a healthy contact list

Yes, we know… You already have an email list which keeps increasing periodically. But have you spared some time to revise your contact list recently?

It is imperative that your contact list is up-to-date for a fruitful email marketing campaign.

  • Analyze your email reports. Separate your list of the most active readers from others and make sure you send them personalized, targeted promotional and informational emails regularly.
  • Your click-through data is meant to be fully exploited! Use it to discover your viewers’ points of interest. Divide your list into distinct segments to engage with your readers better.
  • Keep a check on your bounce reports. If your mailers keep getting bounced from certain email addresses, it’s better to remove them from your contact list.

 2. Pledge for a double opt in policy and defeat your inner demons

Of course your business requires a bulky contact list, but purchasing an email list is a big no-no. These are the lists of those people who know nothing about your business and are probably unwilling to take up your services.

It’s better to let people voluntarily opt-in. Not only will you get rid of hostile, reluctant readers, you’ll also improve your list receptivity, which in-turn will increase your email marketing ROI.

Work out a proper email marketing plan and stick to the schedule. And pledge to follow a double opt in policy and reduce span in the right way this 2014.

3. Stop sweating on content

Email marketing is time consuming and a difficult process, especially if you don’t have a proper email copy.

Monks advise you to:

  • Design a standard template for your email content.
  • Buy a ready to use customizable template from the Monks.
  • Set up a content team well-equipped in curating interesting email bodies.
  • Integrate tools and techniques that help you share, create and find better content for your email campaigns in 2014.

4. Be flexible and learn to step out of your comfort zone

Two words: mobile and responsive! The number of readers viewing emails on phones has risen by 330 percent. That said, it’s high time now for you to adapt responsive designs and make your emails mobile compatible.  If you are not willing to be flexible, your business is going to suffer a major setback.

Thanks to our new-age technology, this improvement can now be achieved by creating emails in responsive layout with design and calls to action that are developed for finger targets.

For a better responsive email, check out these best practices.

5. Adapt to the enhancements

Take up coaching and talk to experts. And no matter what the distractions, stick to your goal!

With a lot of companies coming in and helping you with a detailed marketing automation, 2014 will be the year for triggered automated workflows designed to enhance the bottom lines. Use of live content and videos will provide superior customer experience to email viewers.

Also, with more companies focusing on big data, right from list building to campaign statistics, each of such data will be analyzed minutely and therefore, the scope of improvement in the email campaigns will enhance drastically.

By worshiping these resolutions and catching up with the trends like big data and dynamic content, you’ll have plenty chances to enhance your customer relationships as well as expand your business this year.

Here’s wishing you an extremely rewarding and a glorious email program in 2014!

To know more about the future of email and resolutions in 2014, Check out Email Monday’s blog on the future of email marketing.

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