5 small email marketing movements that will continue during 2014!

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Monks divulge powerful secret email marketing movements that will ensure productive Email Marketing for your business in 2014:

1. Content will rule the market, and being active on social media and integrating social and email is now a must for all companies- small or big in 2014.

2. 2014 is the year of technology. This year, marketing automation is definitely going to have a wider platform to perform. So safeguard your investments in email providers that will make messages more personalized and objectified, more viewer-friendly, and more to-the-point. Email marketers would surely move from in-house to a sophisticated ESP who has the capabilities to provide a host of live features and analytics.

3. Video email marketing will develop a hold and create a better brand building process especially for email marketing.

4. 2014 will finally be the year where words like “Big Data Analytics and “A/B testing” will not just be temporary fascinations, but compelling strategies that companies will have to adopt for better email campaign performance.

5. Business houses will have to concentrate on “tailored content” and interest customers through a multiple-channel flow like an email newsletter, blog, social media, data sheet, cheat sheets, infographics and more.

Email Marketing will have to be more creative and produce engaging content. Email marketers have to look for ways that can turn a random subscriber to loyal customer. Like in 2013, more marketers would have to design for finger targets on mobile screens and do a lot more research on the right sending time.

Marketers would also have to consider techniques that can reduce the spamming backed up with a right email frequency. With a variety of workflows available to trigger an email based on an action, marketers would also utilize the welcome series, confirmation email, re-engagement email and others more frequently trying to create a superior customer experience.

Competition will be tough; but if you make the right marketing moves, you are destined to succeed!

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