6 common email marketing mistakes & how to avoid them being extra cautious

To err is human and to forgive is divine! However, this might not be the case with email subscribers. One single mistake can cost you many subscribers for life. Test mails can prevent the mistakes to a great extent and provides you a humongous scope of editing the email copy, branding, personalization etc.

Today Monks will take a deep dive into the 6 most common email marketing mistakes and how to avoid the same.

1 – Messing up email personalization

Personalization and live content are really picking up fast when it comes to email marketing. However, sometimes marketers forget to personalize the first name and company name within an email. In such scenarios, your branding gets affected very badly and as an end result you might even lose out a few subscribers. If you want to personalize make sure it is setup properly in the system you use.

2 – Emailing the wrong people

Second common mistake, that some email marketers fall prey is mailing an email to a wrong list of people. Ideally, double check your email lists before hitting send. Label different segments differently so that you do not mix up different segments. Some of the leading ESPs also facilitate you with list segmentation. Also, try to mark them with separate colors if that is possible.

3 – Forgetting to add an unsubscribe option

Easy unsubscribe is one of the email marketing best practices. This way you do not hurt the feelings of your ISPs and at the same time allow people to easily unsubscribe if they so desire. Not adding an unsubscribe button deliberately is certainly not a criminal offense, but it can surely cost a few subscribers to you. Ideally, try to check with your ESP, if they offer a ready unsubscribe button that can be integrated within the email copy every time a new campaign is launched.

4 – Offering only HTML versions of your emails

If you forget to provide a text version of your email, some of your subscribers might not be able to see your emails. Despite the advance in technology, some of the browsers and mobiles do not support HTML only versions. Include a text version of your email. Your ESP might allow you to convert the HTML to plain text easily with one click.

5 – Not adding CTA’s

Calls to actions are a vital part of your email copy. Call to action helps you to convert a prospect to a regular customer. Some email marketers forget to add calls to action within the email copy which leads to poor conversion rate of an email. If you forget incorporating calls to action in your copy, make sure you consider putting them right while you prepare a brief. This will ensure that you do not forget them and get the CTA designed during the design stage of email. You can place a link, images or button as your primary CTA.

6 – Leaving out social share buttons

Integrating social in email helps to boost word of mouth publicity. Forgetting social buttons is critical mistake and certainly, it might not lose subscribers, but a lot of potential loyal fans. It is vital to put social buttons in your email so that the content gets shared easily. To not miss out the social integration, brief your design team to design social buttons in the bottom of every email. Make an email design best practice guide and circulate it to your in-house team.

Wrapping it all up, these are some of the basic emailing mistakes most marketers fall a prey to. Make sure you setup your entire email immaculately and follow the best practices guide and ideally prepare one for yourself.

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Kevin is the Head of Marketing at EmailMonks, one of the fastest-growing email design and coding companies. He loves gadgets, bikes, jazz, and breathes ‘email marketing’. He is a brand magician who loves to engage, share insights with fellow marketers, and enjoys sharing his thoughts on the latest email marketing best practices at EmailMonks Blog.

2 thoughts on “6 common email marketing mistakes & how to avoid them being extra cautious”

  • Jose Argudo

    Quite interesting “errors”, specially the “3 – Forgetting to add an unsubscribe option”, as most of the time the error is not in “forgetting” but simply don’t want to add the link, which is a worse error.

    • Email Monks

      That’s true! With more marketers now using Email Sending Platforms, this might change.

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