6 godly tips to use symbols in Subject Line:

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Well, using symbols in the subject lines has a lot longer origin and a lot of debate attached to it. Sometimes it may be baffling to use symbols in subject lines.

For Eg: Special offer only for you, as we ♥ you.

Monks come up with 6 useful tips that can fetch you more opens, using a symbol in the subject line.

1. Symbol speaks about your message. If your email is oriented towards the book lovers, choose out symbols that will speak volume about it. But if you’re a nooks retailer store, a coffee cup will likely confuse your subscribers. Choose your subjects wisely.

2. Place your symbol well. Symbol choices may vary with the varying industries and corporations, depending upon their audience, preferences and best practices. Likewise, placement of the symbol also differs from one business to another. Putting your symbol to the front of the copy will give your subscribers the chance to see the symbol, in case their viewing device shortens the subject line.

3. Symbols mean differently to different people: Ensure that the symbols used by you do not hurt the sentiments of your audience is not recognizable or means totally different to your user. Check on the symbol restriction in particular country, caste or community of people before sending out the emails. Also, make sure it is easily recognizable.

4. Don’t overuse symbols. Yes, the symbols may increase your opens and clicks, but they may at the same time lose their charm and subsequently their effectiveness.  Limit the use of your symbol. It is special. Try a new symbol every other month or on special occasions like holidays or even a special promotion your company is having.

5. Test more. Venture with new symbols and see if it gets enough patronage and with the usage are any changes in the opens or clicks. An interesting A/B test could be using the same subject line but a different symbol for each.

6. Anti-Spam Filters: Check and filter out the symbols that can be under the lens of Anti-Spamming. Try avoiding the %, @ and few other special characters that can mark your mail as spam. Check the UTF 8 special characters for your HTML designs.

These symbols will help you stand apart, being novelty idea. However, not all of the many symbols will render consistently in every possible mail user agent your subscribers use for viewing their emails. Also not only with regards to the email header fields like subject line sender name. This restriction also equally applies for UTF-8 character encoding and using HTML entities in the email body.

Monks are here to help you consult on your email marketing efforts. What do you feel about the subject lines and symbols? Mention your comments below.

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