6 holy mantras to prevent supernatural nightmare – Increased Email List Churn!

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Increased email list churn is every e-marketer’s nightmare. A few subscribers striking themselves out every week would pose a major threat to your email database. Monks give you the following spell to drive away this supernatural nightmare:

1. Segmenting on the basis of acquisition source!

Other than various criteria of segmentation widely put to use – basic segmenting on the basis of acquisition source is believed to reduce the transparent churn rate. Subscribers who have come onboard through offers, discounts or any other incentives would expect similar offers in future as compared to subscribers who have come on board via purchases or those seeking only informational mails. Hence, segmenting them on the aforementioned basis and serving them according to their interests may decrease the churn rate.

2. Living up to their expectations!

Opt-ins are the first touch points where the subscriber engages with you. The language used in opt-ins builds the subscriber’s expectations. The next step is to make them feel good about the opt-in which can be accelerated by onboarding programs that showcase a mutually beneficial relationship. These programs contain a series of welcome emails about what is in store, what to expect, getting accustomed, etc. Also, progressive profiling can be incorporated at this stage. This, requests the subscribers to fill preference centers and other details pertaining to interests at fixed time intervals. These responses would help you keep up with their interests and serve them better, thereby preventing the nightmare for you.

3. Keeping up the experience quotient!

Monks believe, providing them a glimpse of the experience, just after the onboarding program is the divine way to acknowledge them about the way you function. Experience can be delivered by adhering to the best email practices like setting the frequency of emails right, crisp and interesting content, functional landing pages, etc. Creating responsive emails to benefit small screen users along with a perfectly built layout and an easy one click unsubscribe takes the subscriber’s experience to a step beyond. Including an element of surprise in terms of offers, informative spaces, etc. on the email would help keep them around killing the major reasons causing your email list churn nightmare.

4. Delivering only what is relevant!

Relevance in the emails you send your subscribers can never be ignored. Other than preference center responses, their past purchases and browsing behavior would be more relevant to their interests. Study your subscribers and on the basis of implicit and explicit preferences, provide them what suits them best. Provide them a value proposition backed by dynamic content as a part of their experience with you. Dynamic content has the ability to tweak content, images, landing pages, etc. according to the subscriber’s interests. Make them feel special and needed for a long term subscriber relationship. Anything irrelevant served in the email would increase the chances of your nightmare of that cursor moving towards ‘unsubscribe’…

5. Deploy re-activation campaigns

Marketers generally resort to reactivation campaigns every 6 months. However, deploying reactivation campaigns just when you think you are going towards an opaque churn always helps. Instead of waiting for the re-engagement campaign, if you observe that the subscribers have started losing interest, approach them on that very point. Set up a benchmark to analyze and define the disengagement, but re-engaging them early is no harm. Such campaigns can include a change of content, cadence, subject lines, etc. that are more engagement oriented than to push sales. Nevertheless, do not overdo on the reactivation campaign as well.

6. Optimizing preference centers

The most common reason for the loss of a subscriber is the change in their address. A proactive step towards this issue can be including email address change, key profile & preferences, frequency, etc. in the preference centers. This would make sure you capture their change of address. However, sometimes the subscriber’s fail to fill out the change leading to an increased churn. At such times, investing in ECOA services is a boon that helps you track this change and not lose on your subscriber.

Monks surmise – Prevention is better than cure! Make sure you engage them and let them be with you for their entire lifecycle – through right email best practices and prevent yourselves from the list churn nightmare!

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