6 steps to Effective Email Testing

Test! Test! Test! – The wise words always advised by the Email consultancies to the Email Marketers are harsh but true. Testing is believed to be the crucial element of Email marketing.

However, it is noticed that most do not test their campaigns at all and run a campaign on the instincts or past behavior. Marketers need to tag the trend and update their testing tools and results with the changing times.

Testing like A/B split tests has always improved the opens, conversions and clickthroughs. Yet another 6 steps of testing success from Monks monastery listed below:

Determine your end goal:

Set a goal to your email campaign. What’s it that you are striving for? Try avoiding the use of multiple goals that might distract you from measuring one success factor. Goals can be in terms of Opens, Clickthroughs, and Conversions.

Check the pre-testing elements:

Ensure the pre-testing elements are spick and span. Utilize all the information, best practices available to make your campaign win. Check the history and see if it is repeating itself. Evaluate your past campaigns; analyze what worked best and what didn’t.

Frame the Test

Once you are through with the elements of your campaign, set up your test. From name, Subject line, Email timing and frequency, Calls to Action, Email Layout, Landing Pages, Mobile Optimization and more. Set up one test for each of these elements and see the results diversity with the changes.

Split the List

Choose the best list or segment to test, and split it (for that specific test). Check if the list is large enough to do only an A/B split or could it be broken into a larger control and several smaller test segments. Splitting the test will also help you to derive the segmentation results.

Outcome of the test – Happy or Sad?

Measure and analyze results to gain insights on your set benchmarks. Compile stats and see the difference in numbers for your Opens, Clickthroughs and Conversions. See the percentage increase or decrease compared to your last test.

Change the elements

What’s it that you want to change? From name, landing page, email layout etc. Change the elements that yield poor results and replace them by a better actionable item.

Ideally test the below elements:

  1. Lists
  2. Landing page elements
  3. Completely new creative
  4. Preview pane view
  5. Customization (targeted content)
  6. Offer/offer copy/placement
  7. Call-to-action copy/placement
  8. General wireframe/layout
  9. General copy
  10. Personalization
  11. Subject line
  12. From line
  13. Design
  14. Time of the send
  15. Day of the send

Repeat tests eventually. Variety is a spice of life. Change your email elements. This will keep you on track for continual growth and improvement in your email marketing campaigns.

(Source: Clickz)

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2 thoughts on “6 steps to Effective Email Testing”

  • MailMan

    Thank you for article! Tests are very important in email marketing:)
    Remember, that exist also Inbox tests and Spam tests.

    • Email Monks

      Glad you liked 🙂 True, testing helps email marketers to decide upon a roadmap and if already decided, revamp the same to stand out in the crowded inbox.

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