7 most clicked links in your email marketing campaign!

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If you are expanding efforts for an integrated email marketing campaign centering email, you must need to measure the engagement of your subscribers and identify ways to increase the same over time. If you have played with your email subject lines, design and content well enough, try to check the links you share in your email. For most companies, these links are vital as they drive conversion and impact the overall social ROI of the business.

Fragmenting the emails into various parts and identifying the top parts that drive maximum engagement will be interesting – isn’t it?  Monks will help you focus on the 7 mission critical areas within your email that normally drive engagement, if an email is opened by the subscriber.

So, which links or areas drive maximum engagement?

– Primary Call to Action: The first thing first: Calls to Action. Take the space where they are put or interest they generate, most subscribers engage with the primary calls to action when they open an email to start with. Especially, when the emails are talking about discount coupons, new product launches, downloads etc. right in the subject line.

– Social following and sharing: The second area that draws the maximum attention is the social sharing links within an email copy. Just taking a glimpse of the email content, a subscriber might decide whether to engage or skip. If he finds it worthy to share, he will freely share within his network and at the same time consider following your brand (if he is not following presently). The social efforts fourfold normally when the social sharing is incentivised for the subscribers.

Secondary Call to Action: Those marketers, who love to tease their audience with something interesting for the next email campaign, effectively utilize secondary calls to action and they are the third most looked elements within an email body. Experimenting with a few email campaigns, we noticed that such calls to action creates curiosity amongst the readers and increases engagement.

– View online version: That small online link at the top saying to view the email online is again one of the most clicked parts of an email. Consider rendering issues, load time and other similar factors subscribers tend to go to the online version and read an email there.

– Unsubscribe: Well, if you are afraid do not hide face as it is common that emails that are not maintaining quality content, right frequency and correct content hierarchy are bound to be attracting most engagement on the unsubscribe link of an email. Sad but true.

– Registration Links: Those links asking to register for a webinar or free networking lunch or a prize based content normally gains maximum clicks. These links can be calls to action in themselves or can be over and above the calls to action. For Eg. Primary call to action might be FREE DOWNLOAD, Secondary call to action might be E-BOOK FOR THE NEXT ISSUE and a registration link might be separately calling for WEBINAR RESGISTRATION.

– Static Video: Click to view video in an email is one another growing feature used within an email copy that drives engagement. A static image of the video which when clicked opens on another landing page and attracts the subscribers’ attention. Likewise, other interesting gifs, images etc. can also drive engagement you have always desired. A static video might itself be a call to action.

Wrapping up, the engagement might happen normally with the above type of elements. This however might not be in the sequence mentioned above but by and large it follows the same pattern. If you send too many emails, possibilities might encourage unsubscribe to be most engaging of all the elements primarily. However, when you plan to devise a right email copy, consider calls to action, unsubscribe and online version links to be the most important to track conversions, dropouts and other important analytics of an email campaign.

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