7 Reasons To Remind You – “Never Opt For Email List Buying”

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Email marketers, in their quest for quick ROIs resort to email list buying in order to receive recipient addresses in high volumes. Bought Email Lists do not carry with them the ability of qualitative results and end up harming your email campaign for various reasons. The thing about buying email lists is that they do not belong to you and hence cannot help you in many ways you strategized for your business! It is like having a Letter of recommendation written from someone you never worked with!

Monks bring you the best out of their exposure, as to what exactly is so negative about these email lists.

1. Email recipients on the list never themselves gave you their address!

Permission based email marketing rules! With changes in the algorithms of the ISPs and stringent policy makeovers of the ESPs, it is now mission critical for the email marketers to only send emails to individuals who have explicitly given the permission to do so! If you buy the email list, the concept of permission based email is out rightly not followed imperiling your campaign’s effectiveness.

2. Email lists bought are often not unique or up to date!

The purchased lists, especially the ones on sale are generally never updated with list member’s details or sometimes even the most primary detail – email address for that matter. Contacts in the list get promoted, change the job, company changes partners, etc. and these changes are never incorporated in lists on sale. List sellers often promise related contact information but fail to deliver the same owing to poor list hygiene, and hence inadvisable.

3. ESPs would never approve of email list buying!

Most of the Email Service Providers generally have two basic conditions (a) ‘No Spamming!’ and (b) ‘Don’t use bought email lists’. Thus, the basic conditions of contract with ESPs are not met with as you resort to buying email lists for your email marketing campaign. ESPs are against using purchased email lists as they are aware that the contacts under purchased email list are already tired of being spammed. Owing to the violation of the terms, your ESP might block your account resulting into a setback of your email marketing channel.

4. Email List Buying may reap you deliverability issues!

The most common problem that surfaces post usage of a bought list is that of deliverability. Spelling errors in contact details is the first reason why your email does not land into your contact’s inbox. Sending mails to people without their concerns or permission would increase the unsubscribe rate and thereby the bounce rate. If increased bounce rates come under ESP’s scanner they might blacklist you. This would ultimately hurt your domain reputation taking away from you the chance, to even deliver emails at all.

5. Purchased email lists detain the results of the integrated CRM software.

The purchased lists are generally integrated with the CRM software. When you realize that most of the contacts from your purchased list are junk, it would be a difficult task to separate the same from the existing list of genuine contacts and prospects from the CRM. As the data merges, it becomes complicated to assess the results of campaigns as well. If the purchased lists have a huge volume of contacts, it would also increase your costs of managing the CRM, just because of the obsolete data.

6. The list builder does not know you personally and thus not even the one’s listed on them.

Since the list builder opted for picking email addresses randomly, they will be extremely diverse and would not allow precise segmentation for your marketing campaign. Since the contacts never themselves opted in to the list, they do not know you as a company or a brand and your basis of making the first impression will be eliminated as ‘a mail from an unknown sender’. There is definitely no relationship or acquaintance with the contact, which not only takes away from you, the right to email them but also instigates the individuals to mark your email as spam.

7. You were not the only one who the list was sold to, by the seller!

Last but not the least, email list buying and acquiring is an easy task. Most of the list sellers out there aim at earning the maximum from their lists and thus end up selling the list to multiple marketers. As the email list is bought, there are higher chances that these individuals on the list are already approached previously by others in the race of quick ROI, with no major success. Such obsolete data might not really help grab a lion’s share of revenue.

Rather than buying email list, have a look at some of the creative ways to build email list here.

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