A short divine cheat-sheet on CALL-TO-ACTION

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Every email has a divine purpose. It can be a new product launch, update clients about the new event, share the latest offers or provide a free giveaway. Call-to-action is that part of the email that engages the target and creates interaction.

Monks come up with this short cheat sheet on CTAs, explore it and get enlightened:

Why is a CTA important?

– It ensures that the subscriber takes an action immediately as he/she sees the button, link or image.

– It helps in boosting up the number of subscribers, clients, and downloads. It also helps in boosting the overall readership.

Which things to consider while designing a CTA?

While designing a CTA, please ensure the following aspects:

–  Purpose

Analyze what action you want your subscribers to take, why they should act (the value) and how would they recognize a CTA?


Make sure the design of your CTA is really vibrant and visually pleasing. Add contrast colors to differentiate the CTA link, button or image. Blend muted colors with contract vibrant backgrounds.

– Language

Followed by the design, make sure the language used in the CTA is attention grabbing and catchy. Use a strong and direct CTA like ‘Buy Now’ for convenience or low informational products, against this for informational products and services like software use CTA like ‘Learn More’. Keep it straight for discount offerings and likewise for downloads let it be ‘Download Now’

– Size and Placement

Make sure that the size of CTA is appropriate and placement is apt keeping in mind the finger targets for mobile users. Apple suggests 44 pixels square. Also, keep your CTA on the top so that mobile users can get the same noticed on the first scroll.

Which are the popular types to incorporate CTA in email?

ImagesImages makes calls to action visually captivating, however; many email clients block images. Use Alt Text for the images.  ButtonsBulletproof buttons are the best way for designers to use button calls-to-action in their emails. Add CSS style sheets to remove edgy corners and rounded shadows. Text LinksSimple text links with proper fonts and colors.

How many CTAs should be there in an email?

Ideally having two calls to action works best for most email marketers, however; test what works best for your audience.

Which elements are to be tested in a CTA?

Ideally, test the below elements:

–       Tone of your CTA

–       Language

–       Color and Contrast

–       Type of CTA

–       Placement of CTA

–       Design Differences

What next?

Associate your CTA with a landing page and deliver the promise with the same value proposition as shown in the email. Optimize the landing page for mobile users and make sure the information in the email is not deceiving breaking the promise on the landing page.

Check out our blog on writing effective calls-to-action. You could also refer to Litmus’ blog for more information on Calls-To-Action.

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