Attaining Email Nirvana: From Strategy to Optimization

In the Buddhist context nirvana refers to the imperturbable stillness of mind after the fires of desire, aversion, and delusion have been finally extinguished. Attaining Email Nirvana and connecting to supreme is a gradual process that starts from an Email Strategy and ends with Email Optimization.

So, how to attain Email Nirvana in a truly Buddhist way?

1. Develop a strategy

Develop an email marketing strategy that consists of segmentation and targeting, your email goals, email audience personas, best touch points to drive leads and conversions etc. Make sure it is clearly defined.

2. Create a long term road-map

You need to have a vision as to how you will steer your email marketing campaigns a few years down the line. Make an annual plan and break it down into quarterly calendar. Define a content strategy in sync with your vision of email campaigns. Envision strategic amendments and make sure you have enough room to adjust the vision to the changing environment.

3. Focus on the best practices

Identify the industry best practices in terms of email design, content & copy, call to action, device friendliness etc. Consult a few influencers and plan out on how you would positively integrate anti-spam compliance, compatibility and other best practices in your campaigns.

4. Create your core-competency

Standing out from the crowded inbox is mandatory. To do so effectively, there is a need to create your core competency and niche to attract the audience. Whether it is informative, promotional or a blend make sure no one else does it. Provide a unique customer experience through emails. Once you do so, you are ready to land in subscriber’s inbox safely.

5. Invest in Planning and Analysis

Invest in planning and analysis. Analyze your campaigns at a regular period of time and make the necessary corrections whenever wanted. While planning your next campaigns, make sure you take care of the past mistakes and integrate the findings from your new analysis. Spend some time in measuring your email campaign’s effectiveness.

6. Integrate Email, Social and more

Integrate email, social and other marketing channels. Sync the various strategies with one another. Make sure that you adapt a multi-channel approach. Blend paid, owned and earned media and leverage on the overall marketing of your brand.

7. Optimize your email marketing activities

Optimize your call to action, content, email design, bounce rate and anything that is required to boost your email marketing ROI. Test the various components of an email like subject lines, proposition, subject lines, call to action types etc.  Optimization and expanded bottom lines make your email campaigns totally divine.

Summing it all up, if you follow the aforementioned process, there is no looking back and you would surely attain email nirvana.

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