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Aweber adds Unicode and allows easy List Movement

Out of the many ESPs, some ask for a double opt-in confirmation even when the list is moved. This makes the list migration process all the more difficult.
This week in our ESP Feature Watch section, we would like to bring to notice that last month Aweber has added a feature easing the list move without actually requiring to re opt-in. With easy list movement, customers would be able to upload email lists to a new place without asking subscribers again about opting-in.

Moreover, as the recipients have themselves opted-in and are re-checked by Aweber’s system, no one will be able to breech the confirmed opt-in requirements of the industry.

Confirmed opt-in – It’s no more, at least in the world of Aweber!

Have you come across this term before? Well, if you are email marketer, we are sure you must have! If not, COI reduces the risk of spam complaints by actually eliminating the bots from the list; in turn enhancing the deliverability and list hygiene.
With Aweber’s new update, COI would no more be a mandate, but this doesn’t set you free particularly if you are looking out to resume mass emails to a wide-range of unknown list.
Aweber’s existing automated reputation system will keep identifying the bad email lists once the uploading is redone and prevent marketers from breeching privacy through spam emails.

Unicodes for multi-lingual emails

One more feature that shall help many Aweber customers across the geographies is sending out emails in multiple languages. With the Unicode functionality, emails will be encoded and delivered to subscribers in their preferred language. Unicode also helps in using emojis and create better branded emails.
These are just two small features, but they will certainly interest more email marketers.

Aweber’s list hygiene guidelines and checklist can be found here.

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