The Best Email Design Hunt 2017: Key Takeaways

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The Best Email Design Hunt 2017 gave us a remarkable opportunity of meeting so many creative, enthusiastic souls from around the ‘email marketing’ world and their raddest creations. Starting from coining the contest name to the contest launch to the winners’ announcement, it has been an awesome journey that led us to assimilate several learnings pertaining to the contest.

As we retrospect, we are here with the key takeaways to keep in mind if you too are planning any contest in the near future.

Learnings from the Contest


If you want to reach out to your audience and beyond, email marketing is still the most thriving channel that people access regularly and take on a serious note.

We utilized both social media marketing (paid and organic) as well as email marketing to reach out to a wider audience for the contest – so as to ensure that the best in the business take part in the contest. Our learning is that email marketing worked the best for us to reach out and spread the message far and wide. We strongly endorse it as one of the most cost-effective marketing channels for anyone who is looking forward to organizing a similar contest. However, this learning may again differ from industry to industry.

Email also turned out to be the most affable and personal way to connect and engage with the registrants as well as the participants of the contest. We concluded the contest with the biggest learning that EMAIL IS STILL KING!

Editor’s Note: Before you decide to reach out to a ‘larger’ audience, make sure the email list is relevant to your business and target market.


Although it is subjective and may vary from industry to industry, it cannot be considered the demarcating parameter to sort excellence.

From our experience, we firmly recommend having an expert jury panel for any contest that intends to choose the best of ‘creative brilliance and technical prowess’. If we take The Best Email Design Hunt 2017 as a reference, we felt that the first level cut-off criteria of public voting/social sharing kept many outstanding email designs from making it to the Top 50 – Judges Round.

So, our learning is that adjudging qualifying parameters on the basis of ‘social voting/sharing’ may not always be the best way to find the BEST, as it can get difficult for the last-minute participants to garner enough votes and they might not be able to make it despite being equally deserving (however, that doesn’t make them less responsible for not making it on time).

Alternatively, you can keep social sharing and voting in the last round of the contest once you have closed the participation.

Editor’s Note: If you decide on having social sharing and public voting in your contest, make sure your contest management tool has effective mechanism to restrict and keep a strict scrutiny on bogus votes to entrust a fair contest.


Run the contest for a shorter time duration so that you can discourage procrastination and get maximum participation.

It would create more urgency if the contest runs for fewer days and help you get more submissions.

Moreover, TIME is another crucial factor that one should consider before planning a contest. In our case this time, we had to run it for a longer duration, taking into consideration the busy holiday season and the impending Holidays. It may not make much of a difference for the participant, but for the organizers, the long stretch means a prolonged effort to maintain the momentum and ensure everyone associated is engaged to the finish. Ideally, make sure that there aren’t any holidays intervening during the Contest period.

Editor’s Note: No matter how long you run the contest, the maximum submissions – you will get is in the last phase… 😀

Wrapping Up

The contest brought us even closer to the innovatively dynamic world of Emails and gave us some great insights into email designing.

We once again extend our heartfelt gratitude to every participant of The Best Email Design Hunt 2017 and their amazing competitive spirit, without which this contest would not have been so successful.

Signing off with a THANK YOU…

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