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Best Selling Dessert: The BLOG frosted EMAIL MARKETING Cake!

Blogs have been selling like hotcakes for a while now owing to the returns and benefits it has been able to fetch to contribute towards the revenues… At the same time email marketing has retained its individual and generous share of contribution towards the revenues in terms of prospective leads and effective conversions.

With such affluent reputation of the art of blogging and email marketing, marketers cannot be less hopeful about the prolific advantage they together can fetch to any business! This post is just about it – baking the best-selling email marketing cake by associating the blog frosting advantage to it!

1. Utilize social media to grab attention to the blog,
…… It’s like the magnetic dressing on the cake! 

This most exhausted mode of attracting readers to your blog, still works very well! Leverage social media to push new posts of the blog with the help of witty tweets and catchy images. Let your followers know about every new blog post and drive traffic back to your content by providing them exactly what was promised in your social media post. Gradually, people may as well start hopping into your email list if they find your content focused, helpful and relevant!

2. Send one or few blog posts as a separate email,
…… it’s like serving the cake plate in your guest’s hand!

Every few days when a new post is up, mail a few teaser lines to your email list with a link back to the actual blog post. In order to increase engagement on the blog post you can put up a strong CTA such as- ‘What do you have to say about it? Join our conversation!’ Many ESPs offer the RSS campaign functionality that automatically email your latest blog posts to those subscribed via RSS on a bi-weekly, weekly or monthly basis. Your purpose here is to make readers habituated to your emails so that they start to expect a new piece of content every few days.

3. Maintain content synergy between your blog posts & email campaigns,
…… you would not put a strong flavored frosting on a vanilla cake, would you?

Analyze the purpose of your email campaigns scheduled for near future and scratch out a content marketing strategy on similar lines. Make sure that your emails and blog posts find connect with both your content goals and subscriber needs. Send out coherent messages if not the exact one. Chart out editorial calendars for your blogs and email campaigns and ensure that they go along the same theme. The consistency helps earn the trust of the readers and facilitates a higher conversion rate.

4. Include opt-ins at the places you can without overdoing it,
…… remember, too much dressing everywhere will lose its purpose!
Don’t lose any place where you can include a quick opt-in seeking the minimum information required in the first go! The footer of your blog page may include a one field opt-in of some sort. At the same time, your transactional emails can have a link to subscribe as it’s easy to get a recipient who is already a customer onboard. Lure your readers to sign-up for free updates or premium category content. At, the same time, do not over-do it by placing an opt-in at every possible spot!

5. Feature your guest blog posts,
…… bake for others, let them know you CAN BAKE!

Of course your own blog must already be doing very well, but it is very essential to increase engagement on various other platforms for others to be able to notice you and your brand. Add value to other content platforms by featuring your guest posts and contributing to the knowledge base in order to avail the benefit of the excessively loyal traffic these platforms have. They might also be sharing your content in their monthly newsletters or emails. Link the content in your guest postings to relevant links back on your own foundation blog to increase traffic and gain required attention. This introduces your website to a whole new pool of readers who otherwise may not have come to know you exist – what better than turning them into loyal readers of your blogs as well!

Such is the power of email marketing and blogging as it reaps plenty benefits in terms of SEO, lead generation, visibility and most importantly it sells best! Bake your own BLOG frosted EMAIL MARKETING Cake and let us know how it turns out; in the comments below!

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