Betrothed to spam? 5 “healthy” techniques for escalating your IPR to a whopping 53%

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With email being one of the most cost-effective channels of marketing, it is widely used by most marketers globally. However, to achieve a great deal of ROI from this channel, your emails ought to deliver. Many email marketers dream of making their way into the inbox, but in reality they end up going into the spam folders. In fact, Return Path report claims that one spam trap can affect your deliverability by 53%.

So, why aren’t your emails not delivered into the inbox? Monks walk you through some of the below steps that can improve your delivery and IPR.

Conceive of a scenario, John’s bossy asked him about the automated nurturing workflow and John uprightly informed him that the emails are going from time to time, but the open rates seems to be low. Bossy tried digging deep and found most emails actually weren’t delivered into the inbox. Bummer, Huh!

The story is the same for many email marketers. So how can you treat your email campaigns to make them work?

Warm up exercises – A must for healthy emailing

Warm up exercises help rejuvenate your body. Dig some deep for identifying the ISP pain points. Try gaining some trust by warming up your IP. Cover up poor sending score and make sure you start covering this up by sending emails to a small segmented list. Make sure that this list is of subscribers who are more engaged and regular loyal email readers. Some of the leading ISPs also offer amazing feedback loop service enabling the senders to learn about who’s complaining sender’s email as spam.

Sub domains – They work as your medical claim

Imagine you are stuck with poor health and have a financial crunch! A permanent medical claim can help you overcome your health issues and get treated against insurance anytime. Creating a subdomain that exclusively handles the email marketing activities might be a smart move to make which will safeguard you for rest of your life.  With such a sub domain, you will be able to build trust among your users as well as it will go the extra mile in helping you to monitor your IP reputation and win against the most challenging domain based certification filters.

SPF – A great way to prevent email tanning 

Like a sunscreen lotion with a SPF that makes you more beautiful, Sender Policy Framework can help you build trust among receiving mail exchangers. It is an email validation system designed to ensure that the host domains are authorized. If your domain name matches against the associated IP, your emails have higher chances to get delivered. So, use it like your sunscreen!

Send spade a spade – It’s as healthy as an apple!

Could there be anything more annoying than receiving emails you have never opted for? Nothing really! And, most subscribers tend to not engage with such emails or mark them as spam. Just like the apple can keep you at the bay from doctor, healthy lists can prevent from excessive spam complaints. Many a times, subscriber subscribes to receive specific giveaways, win a contest or get a discount coupon or deal, but moving further stops engaging with other kind of emails from the same brand. As they have opted in, marketers keep sending various emails to such subscribers and clearly fall prey to spam complaints. The best way to avoid it is to have seasonal lists separate from your regular customers and subscribers.

Monitor your heart-rate – “Blacklisting”

Most companies never pay a heed towards blacklisting unless they are blacklisted! Some ISPs keep changing their algorithms and with changing rules, you might at some point fall prey to blacklisting although you practice safe emailing. In such a scenario where you feel you are blacklisted without a known cause, do write them and identify the reasons and if it’s a bad luck stroke, request to lift the blacklisting.

Take Away

Apart from the aforementioned tips, avoid using the same domain name for multiple subscribers’ and do audit your email frequencies. Hope these tips will help you stay healthy with your email marketing campaigns.

Pro tip – Do follow these tests for letting your emails stay fit!

  • ECG – Email Content Gap Analysis
  • CT scan – Click through Scan
  • MRI – Monitor Reputation and IP
  • USD – Utilize Subdomains
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