Break the ice: 10 cliff-hanging email content ideas to intonate in 2013!

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“I have an Email campaign to launch every month. I Can’t Find Enough to Say In My Email, Where Do I Turn for Email Content Ideas?” – Most content managers are bemused with this question and to resolve this email marketers and content managers need to remain innovative.

So, how can you break the ice with your subscribers? Monks come up with 10 amazing content ideas that will help every email marketer generate fresh content at regular interval of time.

  1. Greetings email: Don’t just bombard your customers with too many salesly emails. Make a radical blend of sales and non sales emails. Greet the customers on festivals, occasions, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Ensure the top of the mind recall is ultimate. There are just too many festivals and occasions to greet subscribers, enough content for all of it.
  2. Monthly FAQ Cheat Sheet: This idea might work out well for the corporations facing technical queries in bunch, every month. Good idea is to resolve the queries and pen down the monthly cheat sheet and pass over to other subscribers and potential prospects. This can also do away with content generating issue.
  3. Survey and Poll Results: Some of the email campaigns are nothing but the survey reports and results. Try conducting industry research survey and share the findings to likeminded business groups and individuals.
  4. Workplace Stories: Share what your employees have done new this month, their achievements, credentials of the company (You got a new award etc), new capabilities added in the services or product innovation if any etc.
  5. Case-studies: Ideally, subscribers to your email list will be those who prefer hearing back the latest news from your industry. Shout loud on your customer success stories and how differently you managed to execute the same. Such emails will add confidence in other potential customers to join hands and partners with your company.
  6. Audience of the month: Fewer companies these days have an eye and ear to see and hear the active and most loyal social media brand ambassador for the company’s social presence. Craft meticulous monthly email with list of active participants who helped to increase the engagement on your social pages. They are the ones helping you go viral.
  7. Promotional and Informative Blend: After all, your email marketing efforts are to generate more ROI and sales. Do not forget promotional email content type where you promote about your new product or service. However, keep those emails a little informative as well having no more than 2 calls to action.
  8. Info-graphics: Info-graphics sell like hot cake these days. No one wants to read long verbose blogs. Images with content can attract more eyeballs and in turn might also decrease the unsubscribe rate.
  9. Newsletter Emails: Generally, these are sent out by companies once per month and often include several pieces of content that you have already published over the course of the past month. Content for newsletters can include blog articles, videos, or many other types of pieces of content.
  10.  Corporate Social Responsibility Statement: Business is the limb of society and people like how you help society grow tackling various burning issues. Make a statement every month and share it with your audience saying “We care for you”. It makes you stand out of the crowd.

Providing unique email content monthly or quarterly will again depend on your subscribers, their taste and preferences. Conduct A/B split test or make multiple lists and see what gets better treatment. Keep repeating the test in different environment and likewise be dynamic with your email content type.

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