Break the old school barriers – 6 tips to turn email marketing profitable with new age thinking!

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Recently, we ‘ve been talking about innovations in email: text to join, email & display integration, in-email forms for surveys, tools enabling you to checkout within your inbox, integrated review mechanism and so much more. While some marketers are thriving hard for innovating email marketing campaigns, there are some others who are still battling with some basic hacks.

So, which are these hacks that could break the old school email barrier and let you live happily ever after with a lion’s share of revenue?

  1. Streamlining your email strategy

Well, even today, more email marketers feel that having a process driven email marketing might consume a lot of time. Unfortunately, it is exactly the opposite. Having a streamlined email marketing process not only provides more time to think creative, but also brings in automation through which there will be a lot of time savings for marketers.

  1. Re sending email is not a crime (mostly)

With a lot of marketers talking about email list management, deliverability and spamming, the perspective of re sending emails to non-openers or following up with the openers is pushed aside. Well, if you are following permission based email marketing and at the same time maintaining your list’s hygiene, there should be no problem in re sending emails to your own subscribers. You need to be extra cautious however; about the inactive subscribers, unsubscribe and those who have changed their preferences.

  1. Encourage the new age


  • Incentivize the obvious. Forward to a friend and social sharing is like a task now! Your recipients would only take up such a task if they really like your emails, but that might not be many a times. To get the ball rolling; encourage sharing through referrals bonus or incentives.


  • Adopt guerilla in emails! Why should someone come and subscribe to your emails? Knowledge, offers (Well, that’s what around 80% recipients subscribe emails for) or newsletter, may be? Well, if your target is one of these, you don’t need to do much, but for others, you could increase your list sign-ups by adding amazing pop-ups on your website. You could use tools that recognize the gestures of your users’ mouse or touch and offer them a pop-up to subscribe. Provide a social proof “5, 45,000 marketers are already ahead of you, join now!”


  • Better your transactional emails with showcase of related products, referral discounts or innovative forms through which they could easily complete the due transaction or buy a new product within their inbox. You can make it interactive using menus in email too.


  • Ask what you want! Being direct is considered offensive by many, but not in 2015. You could directly ask from your subscribers about the kind of action you want them to take. You could do this wonderfully by requesting them to subscribe, provide a feedback about your product or service, embedded rating about last order, calling for their birthday images or it could be anything that wide. This helps engaging recipients rather than mentioning, “If you would like to rate us, please….”


  • Be considerate to your recipients when they are asleep. You could set-up an inactive time period and unsubscribe these people from the list on their behalf. You would not only reduce the inbox clutter, but also safeguard against domain reputation or spamming challenges.


  1. Testing emails is no more a daunting task

Despite a lot of marketers talk about sending emails that render well across the viewing environments, many marketers still do not test their emails well before sending them out to their audience. Using tools like Email on Acid or Litmus will help you ascertain how your emails appear in different viewing atmosphere. According to eConsultancy survey, 74% of email marketers report having an ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ ROI, compared to just 37% who do not test. So, while we try adapting to innovations, we should at least aim sending out flawless responsive emails at the first place.

  1. Time & day of sending and subject lines – Decide what works for you!

One of the old school thoughts is to send emails with shorter subject lines. Well, this is very subjective and what works for one industry might not really work for other. You should play around with shorter and longer subject lines both and see which of those provides better value in terms of email opens. Apart from that, you also need to send out emails at different time and days of the week to ensure a good time slot and day for your industry. While I say brining innovation in emails, bringing innovation in subject line with special characters or its length could work wonder, atleast for some businesses!

  1. Net-Read Rate, IPR and other brand new matrices!

My open rate is 60% and CTR is 42% whoa! You have done a great job, what next? Well, there are more email matrices for measuring your email ROI. It’s time to even consider email list growth rate, net-read rate, competitive read rate index, inbox placement rates,  CTOR, email sharing and forwarding rate, lead to customer conversion rate from email, etc. While unsubscribe rate, compliant rate, etc. are important, they are not most vital when it comes to measuring bottom lines from email marketing.

Below are the top 10 Takeaways – What do you think is your barrier and how do you think you can move on (with better)?

  • Do not fear, break the barriers and lead.
  • You send emails for conversion, make that happen.
  • Ask an action, your subscribers are clever people anyways!
  • Use transactional emails as an opportunity to learn more about your recipients’ behavior.
  • Send flawless emails for multiple viewing environments.
  • Use in-email innovations and woo your recipients with out of the blue dynamism.
  • Don’t just personalize your recipient’s first name, but also your signature. Do much more in regards to dynamism in fact.
  • Distract recipients with bright CTAs, try neon in email design, may be?
  • Track more than what you see on your dashboards.
  • Unsubscribe recipients even when not explicitly told & if that lowers your possible complaint rate.
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