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Email Marketing is becoming extremely competitive! More and more marketers adapt to flooding subscribers inbox and gain on the Click-through rates. While most companies want to engage subscribers in a hassle free way, few companies still approach the orthodox and old school approach of repeat confirmation emails.

Trying to click on a call to action, register for a newsletter or reconfirm the presence, companies need to be aware about the email flood in the inbox and make it as easy as possible. In case if you use a series of confirmation emails, here are a few tips worth considering from the monks cloister.

Brand the email – Textual confirmation emails are things of the past! Modern email marketers definitely talk about transactional and triggered emails but sending old fashioned confirmation emails that just instigate ‘click to confirm’ is outdated. Instead try and have on the spot confirmation or send a confirmation email with template and logo which can make your brand identity stand out.

Personalization – Personalization is a key to success. Make the subscriber feel special. Confirmation emails should thank the subscriber for his interest followed by checking his willingness to do so through a confirmation. Also, give flair of what to expect and what not through such subscription. This will present a clear picture of the nature of emails that he would receive in coming times reducing later unsubscribes and spam complaint!

Replace it with a welcome email! – Many companies do not try to bombard prospects or subscribers with emails. Once the subscriber subscribes, he is on the spot asked to confirm through a pop-up and immediately as he says yes – a welcome email is sent to him that explains him about the nature of emails, how have your emails improved the life of subscribers, upcoming products and services and a little of workplace stories. If it’s an order confirmation email, make sure you put all the cart items and thank the subscribers for placing orders with you. Also, show them some of the related products.

No “Do Not Reply” – While sending an email make sure you send it through a proper IP address with recognizable from name and appropriate subject line ensuring better first impression. Sending an email from will give a very negative impression to subscriber. Check out our email design and sending best practices here.

Measure the success rate – According to Return Path, about 76% of all email makes it to the inbox.  Try and check the open rate and click rate or even better click to open rate. See if your email is delivered. It might be possible that due to a poor domain or shared IP your emails do not land in the subscriber’s inbox. Try and test a few elements within your email and see what works best!

Email Marketing is growing and with technological advancement, marketers are trying to make email programs better with every new day. Optimizing small things like password resets, confirmation and welcome series, change of email address etc. will also have a big impact on subscriber retention! Let us know if you have utilized some of these strategies, through comments below:

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