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No matter how hard you try to plan and execute the best for your party – it’s the people invited who set the mood! Likewise if all your content, graphics and every other detail that is essential for a visually perfect e-mail is in place – it will end up having little impact if sent to the wrong segment of people- this is exactly where the need for a perfectly thorough E-mail list arises.

Below are a few holy basics to manage your e-mail list well and blend it with right design and sending patterns:

1. List Cleanliness is Godliness

As you make sure your apartment is clean and looks spick and span before the party begins – the same is required before you begin your E-mail Marketing campaign – to start with a scrubbed e-mail list. Clean your list and make it hygienic. Delete the duplicate records and omit the list of subscribers who have requested to unsubscribe. Fragment the frequent openers from non-openers and make a fresh list that engages with you more often. Creating an e-mail list organically may take long, but is always more productive.

2. Serve the right meals from the refectory!

You have a list of guests in your party having different meal preferences. At the refectory of Monks, we make sure we serve delicious email marketing concepts to our audience as per their preferences. Segment your list and serve them the right content as desired by them. Subscribers wanting offers wouldn’t be inclined towards reading your monthly informational newsletter. Do it right!

3. Don’t be a demon to your list chums!

What when a few pesky people come to your party – obviously starting to ruin it. You can be a troublesome demon to your list too. If you send emails at any time not promised by subscribers, you might ruin their expectations and hurt your brand reputation. Restrict to the right frequency and timing as promised in the preference center. An e-mail sent at the right time ensures greater viewability. Similar email frequencies will build anticipation ensuring the reader’s immense interest.

4. Ask them what they need!

Providing right meals makes you a good host, but what’s right for them needs to be cleared ab initio. Asking your guests what they need at the party is the best way to make them feel at home. Similarly, providing your recipients with preference centers is a steadfast way to gauge their interests. The recipients must be provided the choice to opt for your monthly or weekly updates – allowing them to choose what they need.

 5. Engage your audience like your party guests

A great party engages people! You need to engage your recipients like the way you engage guests at the party. Engage your subscribers list with different email approaches. Use video & gifs in email, launch a contest or poll, launch a loyalty or referral program or simply even ask for the service feedback. You can even engage the list by providing them free educational giveaway or offers on products and services.

Takeaway: Dress well – & leave the rest up to God!

No matter how well-dressed you are, people might find flaws with your dressing style. Similarly, no matter how well you design your emails or how nicely you try to entertain your list, you have no control over the unsubscribe patterns. There will be people on your list who unsubscribe for no particular reason, leave them up to God and let others on the list make your email marketing program win.

What do you do to maintain the health of your list and keep them entertained? Let the Monks know through the comments below:

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