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Eggcellent Email Inspirations for Easter Campaigns

Easter is showing up and it’s time to drown in the celebration. But have you created an email marketing campaign ready to make this Easter celebration exceptional?

Retailers world wide generally offers several deals and discounts on Easter by coupon codes. But to make that offered discount more tempting, marketers and especially email marketers come up with brilliant ideas, but still they lack something. Here we can see (below) several industries attained successful sales last Easter, while many fell prey to bad email campaign strategy.


That said, in order to make this Easter more clickable, email marketers need to send such emails that speak MORE than just an offer.

Monks saw some glimpse stealing creative that can inspire and make your Easter email campaigns a star. So fasten your seat belts!

Banana Republic

Whether it’s the big golden egg or the bold offer, everything has fallen into place. The end of extra savings creates both curiosity and urgency, which makes this email a click attainer. The CTA is bold and shouts louder what to do.



A heartwarming, simple, yet crisp email by Terrain that beautifully spreads the happiness of Easter. Apart from being the Easter Enchanted email, it contains an enchanted copy as well. The GIF animation makes this email more appealing and classy.



A theme stuck email from Cadbury that invites to celebrate the happiness of Easter TOGETHER. The email is long enough to provide the information as well as contain crisp and specific CTAs.



The Easter email from B&Q does a wonderful job of displaying the products in a single email. The animation makes it more subtle as the CTAs blink more sharply. The copy is creative enough to hold the iris with a clear CTA.

BQ-easter email campaign


Tubman went to another level with the GIF and made the email a little out-of-the-box. The image reminds of Pac-man and successfully makes the subscriber happy as well as nostalgic. The coupon code and CTA makes this email hard to ignore.


Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat’s email contains all the ingredients of a perfect Easter email. A great use of whitespace with juxtaposed CTA and compelling copy. The shop now CTA brings the urge to click and explore more.

Hotel Chocolat


A chic, classy, and wonderful Easter email from Williams-Sonoma that is already winning the hearts already. Brilliant use of the Johnson box with contrasting CTA. The email showcases the products in a subtle way which makes this email a keeper.

Williams Easter email example


When it comes to Easter celebrations, Hallmark gathers all the heartwarming feelings. The bunny with chocolate is too adorable to avoid. The provided copy does appeal to the subscribers and the multiple CTAs are just enough to make this Easter email an eggciting one.


Liberty London

Liberty London in its email has presented its service in a creative way which is definitely hard to ignore. The use of subtle yet different colors make this email look visually appealing. The CTAs are crisply crafted that tell you what to do.


Care came up with a very simple creative that expresses the Easter message clearly. The bunnies give that Easter feeling while the offer and CTA makes the email more specific. Care’s Easter email shouts it louder that a simple creative can be grab the attention without any hassle.

Care_Easter email campaign example

Harry & David

Harry & David’s email is a creative one that speaks about the Easter happiness from the very first glimpse. The email is vibrant enough to get the attention and the copy is bold to steal the subscribers’ notice within first blink.

Harrys Daniel email easter example


Last Easter we came up with the creative use of Alt text for those subscribers who view the emails without downloading images or email clients that turn the images off by default. If you too use heavy images in emails then this creative use of Alt text can act as your email elixir. It’s an eggcellent way to deliver your message:)

Email Monks - Easter email example

If you too are struggling with Easter emails that can win the heart of your consumers then worry no more. Monks can end this spine-chilling stress within no time. Visit our order page and get blessed with email templates inspiration from EmailMonks.

happy easter

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