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Email Design Considerations for iOS9 – The pros and the cons!

Around 50% of emails are now opened on Apple devices.  With this, it is quite evident that marketers will not only need to have a mobile first approach to emails, but rather also have to adapt to Apple first email designs keeping the latest updates in mind.

Let’s talk about the latest version iOS9 and what’s in store for email marketers.

1. Positive Updates

• Flexible responsive email design approach – While iOS 8 had secret support to define images based on pixel density of a device, Apple has upgraded the secret attribute to specify multiple images based on the screen size of the different devices. So, basically now with the help of secret attribute you can define multiple images that can be rendered in a 4.7 inch iPhone 6s as well as in a 12.9inch iPad pro.

• Advanced awesomeness of CSS support – @supports CSS declaration and backdrop-filter CSS property are two attention grabbing features in the iOS 9. @supports allows you to check if a particular CSS property is being supported by a specific email client. Therefore, if you have huge chunk of customer base that check their emails on Apple devices, with the help of @supports you can verify if your CSS property is being supported or not.

On the other hand, backdrop-filter CSS property will assist you with splendid designs. These backdrop-filters can provide coolness to the element targeted in an email. You play around with background image by either making the background grayscale or amend the hue. Backdrop-filter can also boost the readability of text by blurring the background image behind a text box.

• Reach the top with ‘Peek’ & ‘Pop’ – The 3D touch feature in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus has added some fun for users as well as for email marketers. ‘Peek’ & ‘Pop’ features have been added with the help of 3D touch in order to give provision to email readers.

That said; readers can have the glimpse of an email with a soft press which is called ‘Peek’. If the readers press hard on the same touch i.e. ‘Pop’, the entire email will be displayed on the phone. Sounds cool! Isn’t it? Well, not really!

When the reader previews an email, your campaign report will consider it as open. So, what steps can you really take to ensure that the reader will pop your email after peeking? Well, let’s go back to the basics. Content is the king! Create a compelling content in order to influence the readers to open an email.

2. Not so positive Updates

• The saga of auto-fit feature – iOS 9 has come up with a tricky new update backed with auto fit feature. With this feature, the email automatically fits into the screen of the device. Though, this feature sounds incredible, but it actually isn’t. This feature will break the layout of your email, making it look messy.

Well, as a email designer avoid using fixed width email designs to avoid such issue. Responsive email designs are best.

• Static interactive emails – Interactive emails in iOS 9 are not rendered properly. In fact, they are absolutely static. Well, iOS 9 doesn’t support general sibling selector with :hover or :checked pseudo class selectors. Consider using adjacent sibling selector + for better results

• Irrelevant Padding – The most noticeable update that is witnessed on iOS 9 email is the irrelevant padding. It was noticed that padding was added to both left and right side of the email. So, emails with full-width background colors don’t render well. There hasn’t been a fix yet!

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