Email Evolution Conference 2017

Email Evolution Conference 2017: Key Takeaways

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Email Evolution Conference is one of the most valuable forums that inspires cross-channel marketing attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors to share their knowledge and be the early adopters of advanced technologies and techniques.

Monks had a divine time at the conference exhibiting at booth #208 and meeting some awesome visitors.

Team EmailMonks at EEC 2017











It was an honor to learn about the best practices of email marketing from keynote speakers like Keith Kaplan, Kathryn Minshew and Matt Taibbi.

Did you know?

Abandoned “cart” emails are called abandoned “basket” emails in the U.K.?

Are you aware that email marketing is now having 20% impact on revenue, up from 17% in the previous year?

Email marketing is still the most effective marketing channel, if your emails make it to the INBOX of your subscribers.

We discovered many such interesting facts and stats… and we owe it all to EEC 2017.

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Missed out on attending it? Feeling bad about not being able to make it?

JUST RELAX! We have put it right for you…

Here’re the key takeaways that can enlighten you about all the important ideas shared at EEC 2017, Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel during 1st to 3rd May, 2017.

Michelle Willard‏ @mwillard00: Don’t underestimate email fatigue, be top of mind not top of inbox #eec2017

Marketers should see to it that their subscribers don’t get tired of receiving their emails. It is a good practice to send out few emails that keep the customers engaged rather than several boring emails that do your brand no good.

Neil O’Keefe‏ @NeilOKeefe:

Reduction of just 5 emails per month reduces opt out by 40% #eec2017 @PD_Engage #EmailMarketing

Alyssa Nahatis‏ @ANahatis:

“Data needs to be personal. And purposeful.” via @KeithRKaplan #eec2017

49% of email sign-ups come from mobile devices but have a 2x higher typo rate than from desktops. Per @tom_sather via @briteverify #eec2017

Email capture forms should be strategically designed. You can revise your Call to Action button and use something other than “SUBMIT”. Clearly inform your subscribers about what they are signing up for.

Moreover, make sure that you maintain the list hygiene. Double opt-in isn’t the only way of doing that. If you get a new opt-in, validate it. Remove or re-engage the old and unengaged subscribers. Testing is the key to determining what works and what doesn’t.

Angela Eick‏ @eickyeicky: 14% of brands aren’t sending a welcome email. 60% aren’t sending abandon cart emails. #eec2017

Don’t lose out on making a good first impression by not sending out welcome emails.

Cart abandonment emails also work wonders when it comes to winning back lost customers and encouraging the cart abandoners to complete the purchase.

Cash in on these opportunities!

Patrick Luce‏ @DorkyAwesomeGuy: Email #Marketers: Agree or disagree? Clicks are a better metric than opens, because people open your #email to unsubscribe… #EEC2017

Monks couldn’t agree more on this one! Email marketers should rely more on clicks rather than opens, ANY DAY.

Marketer Quarterly‏ @TMQ_Magazine: Don’t worry about so-called spam words. “There is no such things as trigger words anymore.” @meladorri #eec2017

Content engagement would work as a spam detection tool and NO MORE SPAM WORDS!

Phew! Now that’s a relief, right?

Just like spammers have got more sophisticated, email marketers should also follow that trend.

Miles‏ @meetmiles:

Mobile screens are small. Thumbs are big. Put a thumbs-width of space between clickable elements in emails for better UX #EEC2017

Be visible. Don’t just dump your email signup form at the bottom of the page. #EEC2017

Kristina E. Smith‏ @kristinasmedia: Don’t confuse personalization with segmentation! You will have to create content for all of those segments. #EEC2017

Many times, marketers overlook the need of drafting unique content on the basis of the segmentation data.

Understand that Segmentation Personalization and plan your email marketing strategy accordingly.

Agility Harmony @AgilityHarmony:

It’s quite evident that the evolution of personalization has been very impressive and it has come a long way from “Hey ”. Buyer’s persona, customer’s journey and so many other variables are being considered for the creation of personalized emails; it almost seems like a telepathic communication.

genna matson‏ @gemliza: Micheal Wise is dropping tips! Occasionally get subscribers to reply to your emails. It can do wonders for inbox placement. @theeec #eec2017

We also loved how Keith Kaplan quoted – “We have Facebook instead of flying cars. We’re very myopic”. Damn true, isn’t it?

EmailMonks at EEC 2017

Our booth visitors had a wonderful time interacting with Team EmailMonks and getting blessed with the personalized giveaways designed exclusively for them, and of course “Selfie with Monk”.

What’s your take on these email marketing facts and new stats? We would be happy to know your perspective! Comment below…

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