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EmailMonks were blessed to be a part of Email Evolution Conference 2018. As stated in our learnings from EEC 17, Email Evolution Conference is one of the most valuable forums that inspires cross-channel marketing attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors to share their knowledge and be the early adopters of advanced technologies and techniques.

EEC 18 too didn’t disappoint.

Our Master Monk (@jayminbhuptani) and fellow Monk Ankit had a great time interacting with other #emailgeeks and learning quite lot.


We also got a glimpse of the New Orleans culture


This post is a round-up of what attendees learnt from the various sessions of EEC18.

5th April

The 2nd day for EEC starts on a bold note with a keynote Speech by Bob Garfield. Talking about “our media economy” there were two prominent statements that touched all #emailgeeks attending.

EEC 2018 Key Takeways

“Thanks to Google and social media, everything a brand does is there to exist in perpetuity,” (DMA Blog)

The collapse of mass media has made it necessary for brands to build individual relationships with their customers via email and other channels. – Bob Garfield #eec2018

-Chad S. White‏ @chadswhite

Lead generation depends majorly on how well your email signup form functions. Currently, ESPs such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor support signup form.

In one of the concurrent sessions featuring MailChimp and Lovepop, Lovepop reflects on what they learned when they doubled their engagement and revenue using A/B and Multivariate Testing.

Opens and clicks help predict revenue the same as flipping a coin. Look at your revenue metrics after 12 hours for more accurate results. #EEC18 @MailChimp @lovepop

– denvercitygirl‏ @denvercitygirl

EEC 2018 Key Takeways

5 of the most basic elements to A/B test in your emails to have an increase in the customer engagement.


LovePop EEC 2018 Key Takeways

Talking about how well email signup forms work, Austin Bliss from FreshAddress dropped some hot truth.

DMA EEC 2018 Key Takeways

If you don’t know how many signups your email forms generally generate, then you won’t know when they breakdown. -Austin Bliss #eec2018

– Chad S. White‏ @chadswhite

In the session “Send Higher Quality Emails in Less Time with Templates”, Dan Caro emphasized on the importance of Modular email templates in the long run.

“Modular (design) is not the easiest process (to transition to), but in the end, it’s worth it” – Dan Caro, Whereoware #EEC2018

– David Carpio‏ @David__Carpio

For downloading a free Master template check out our blog.

Chad White, Research Director at Litmus had a lot to speak about “The state of email” and how to improve signups at POS (point of sale).

POS EEC 2018 Key Takeways

EEC 2018 Key Takeways

EEC 2018 Key Takeways

EEC 2018 Key Takeways

What is essential for your #EmailMarketing success? 1) Attention-grabbing headline 2) #Testimonial quote 3) Call-to_Action 4) Link to your website 5) ROI tracking metrics #DigitalMarketing #eec2018

– Michael Jordan‏ @mjordanWashDC

Interestingly, only 18.5% of marketers use an email brief on every single email. 35% use them only occasionally and 45% never use them at all.

6th April

David Sax as Featured Keynote on 2nd day of EEC supercharged lot of thoughts and the influence was evident on twitter.

.@saxdavid just compared the age of data to Ikea and I don’t disagree. (Because I want to buy everything I don’t need.) #EEC2018

– Sachie Yorck‏ @sachieyorck

DEG EEC 2018 Key Takeways

@saxdavid says email is here to stay. The more competition email has, the more rarified it becomes and the more it serves its purpose. 1:1, personal, decentralized, and unlike social, with no other agenda. I like #eec2018 #emailmarketing #emailgeeks

– Karen Talavera‏ @SyncMarketing

Ryan Phalen’s preachings during Lightning Sessions spread like wildfire

“If you’re going to make a difference in email marketing you have to first believe in email marketing” – @ryanpphelan #EEC18

John Caldwell‏ @jacaldwell

Artificial intelligence makes rules-based decisions without human intervention. Machine learning is AI that makes better decisions over time based on outcomes. #eec2018

– Chad S. White‏ @chadswhite

“We as marketers have a great responsibility” “We communicate with tens of thousands of individuals everyday” @ryanpphelan @Adestra #EEC18 #EEC2018

– Email Experience‏ @theeec

Email is the only thing you can suck at and still make money. -@ryanpphelan of @Adestra #EEC2018

– Sachie Yorck‏ @sachieyorck

Wrapping Up:

EEC 2018 ended with a lot to learn and reflect upon. The above tweets were what we learnt from EEC and we end with this wonderful joke.

EEC 2018 Key Takeways

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