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Email Innovations Summit and ConvCon 2017 – Key Takeaways

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Email Innovations Summit 2017

Email Innovations Summit is a hot spot for email marketers to explore the latest trends in email marketing industry.

Participating in EIS 2017 gave the Monks a divine opportunity to gain valuable insights into building effective email strategy. There couldn’t have been anything more rewarding for us than meeting passionate marketers at the summit and learning about enhancing subscriber experience through well-designed emails.

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Did you miss out on attending the enlightening sessions at the summit? Worry not!Did you miss out on attending the enlightening sessions at the summit? Worry not!

Have a look at the key takeaways of EIS 2017 that would surely help you hone your email marketing skills and drive better results for your business.

Paul Shriner‏ @shrinerp: Email that people care about are opened within the first hour #EIS17

Chris Marriott‏ @CSMarriott: Email acquisition is like buying a whole pizza and getting only two slices #EIS17

Beyond the Envelope™‏ @Paul_Airy:

23% of consumers change their primary address each year #Email #InactivesDoNotAnnounce #EIS17

Only 32% know the value of their subscriber, email address – @EmailDaniels #EIS17

Less than 40% of email marketers are utilising segmentation and targeting. @EmailDaniels @InnovateEmail #EIS17

We’re keeping our email addresses longer – they’re becoming our digital identification. @InnovateEmail #EIS17

Women of Email‏ @WomenOfEmail

“Me and the database guy settled on a compromise: segment by last purchased item (instead of EVERY purchase).” @suecho #EIS17 #wemail

“Email is a vital communication channel at every stage of donor journey. It’s a mistake to ‘hand off to sales’/let go.” @divellent #EIS17

Yay! Monks knew about this! Animated GIFs in emails have a long way to go…

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Luke Glasner‏ @Lukes_Tweets: Improve customer experience, improve relevance and using realtime data are top priorities for 2017 by @EmailDaniels #EIS17

It was indeed a wonderful experience for the Monks to connect with the distinguished speakers and learn about the future tactics email marketing is heading to.

You can participate in the summit at London during October 11-12, 2017 if you have missed the opportunity this time. VISIT PAGE >>

Conversion Conference (ConvCon) 2017

Conversion Conference has successfully made it to its eighth year in 2017. It is the perfect scaffold for passionate marketers whose ultimate goal is boosting conversions. Attending the conference at Las Vegas has given the Monks a complete idea about how to channelize the online marketing efforts and bring in better results. We couldn’t agree more with what Benjamin Liu from Experian Consumer Direct has to say about this conference:-

“If you have anything to do with online optimization, this is a must-attend event”

Here are the key takeaways that will definitely tap the right pulse of all the marketing enthusiasts who couldn’t make it to the conference.

Mana Ionescu‏ @manamica: What gets measured, gets done ~ @tim_ash. Perfect line to start #convcon

Brandon Hoops‏ @courtsidehoops: Content will always beat out time of day with your email marketing tests. @bestofjess #convcon

Alan Rapp‏ @CapnCarrot: A/B Testing is not one and done. Test, test, test! – @manamica #convcon

Jonathan Bunio‏ @jcbunio:

Be guided by data, but don’t be a slave to it. @tim_ash #ConvCon #CRO

Pay attention to the metrics, but mind the whole business. @tim_ash #ConvCon #iHadCoffeeThisMorning

Don’t be afraid to run opt-in/opt-out campaigns to keep your lists clean, keeping only those who want to hear from you. @manamica #ConvCon

Rob Thompson‏ @RooterHTG: Advocate for the customers first – they are the reason your company exists. @tim_ash #ConvCon

Niki Inouye‏ @nikimae:

You are 6X more likely to get a click from an email vs. a tweet. #convcon

Tip: Read your marketing email (or social or blog post) out loud to make sure you sound conversational and human. #convcon

Tom Bowen‏ @WSOMarketing: “These days everything should be personalize-that’s just baseline. If you’re not doing it, get out of marketing.” @manamica #convcon

Angie Schottmuller @aschottmuller: #CONTENT: Avoid words “price” “pay” “cost” and “spend” –they invoke an actual pain of purchase in the brain. -@nharhut #convcon

Sarah Little‏ @LittleBitSarah: 56% of email is opened on a mobile device – even for b2b biz #convcon #cro

Jessica Best‏ @bestofjess: 5 things should happen upon form submit:
1. TY page
2. TY email
3. New Lead email alert
4. Add to CRM/ESP
5. GA logs conversion

The most important takeaway according to the Monks is – Good and fresh content that is regularly updated, right strategy and tracking are of paramount importance in marketing and brand growth strategies.

EmailMonks @ EIS and ConvCon 2017

Like always, our “Selfie with Monk” campaign won the hearts of numerous visitors at the booth. It was amazing to have the charming presence of Bill Closkey, Jaffer Ali, Sue Cho and many others at EmailMonks booth #315.

Selfie with Monk
We had a memorable time at the events, did you? Share your experiences with us.
Let’s catch up!

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