Email Marketing – A divine jackfruit for the Small Scale Enterprises!

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Corporations globally are now centering all their efforts on customer acquisition and branding over the web and virtual world. According to one of the recent surveys, virtual expansion has been found profitable for not only top giants but also the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.

Some of the online marketing below the line promotional media vehicles like email marketing are cost effective and have a greater reach and frequency enabling the SME’s to climb the ladder of success in easy and yet effective way. Email marketing is catching up the trend amongst SME’s as this kind of marketing strategy now integrates social media and other elements to make emails more appealing to the prospects and clients in turn increasing the web traffic and sales for the small businesses.

So, why should SME’s use email marketing more over the other forms of contemporary digital media? The monks bring to you some simple reasons to prefer email:

1.    Marketing Automation!

Marketing automation is smart as a whip. Email Marketing requires minimum resource intervention. With an ability to be automated, campaigns can be scheduled through advanced email service providers and additionally these email campaigns can also be adapted to the dynamic content providing geographic, language and other flexibilities unlike social media or other online platforms. This attracts the eyeballs of SME’s.

As more and more people tend to check their emails round the clock, automation will help scheduling the campaigns in a hassle free way every time small scale marketers wish.

2.    Cost effectiveness dominates!

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective online channels of promotions. Over and above this Email has a significantly higher ROI compared to other channels. Moreover, the spending on emails is quite less presently however the project spending on email channels till 2014 is estimated to be  $ 2 billion. This spending will be more inclined and channelized towards automated workflows, triggered emails and using video in email.

3.    Divine Measurability!

Email is easily measurable and small business like to measure results before going too long on any promotional channel given the tight budgets and extremely fierceful competitive marketplace. With the help of email service providers, every email campaign can be tracked and value additions in the ROI due to the campaign can be measured. Click-through Rate, Open Rate, Conversion Rate, Forward and Social Sharing Rations etc. can help SME’s come closer to the divine expectation from the campaign.


Email Marketing is favourable to SME’s because of the quick results, cost effectiveness and impressive ROI. Moreover, email marketing yield fruitful results in very short period of time. Though there are certain challenges in terms of deliverability, email marketing still has an upper hand over social media and other channels of marketing and SMEs should surely look forward to incorporating email marketing in their 2013 calendars.


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